• Allows you to effectively cycle Subsonic Ammo!
  • Cycles Subsonic Ammo 1,050 fps or less with or without a suppressor
  • Now you can Shoot Subsonic Ammo in your Marlin 60 or Marlin 795!
  • Made of the highest quality spring steel
  • Protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA!
  • Fast Same Day Shipping!

Will subsonic ammo cycle in a Marlin Model 60?

When shooting Subsonic ammo with the factory recoil spring there is not enough rearward energy to push the bolt back far enough to cycle the next round into the chamber.  With the Marlin 60 / 795 Subsonic Recoil Spring it allows you to efficiently cycle Subsonic Ammo rated 1,050fps or less.  Round after round of functional enjoyment to shoot a magazine of Subsoinc ammo.  The Marlin 60 / 795 Subsonic Recoil Spring is a much lighter spring designed to shoot Subsonic Ammo Only.

Do not use this spring with Ammo above 1,050fps.  It will cause damage to your firearm.  

Now you can shoot Subsonic rounds Marlin Model 60 and Subsonic ammo Marlin 795!

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Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
Northeast Florida


I rate it a 3 because I haven't installed it yet. When I opened my receiver i had plastic pieces fall out. Looks like my issue was a destroyed buffer, not a spring issue. When I replace the buffer, I plan on trying the spring with my subsonic ammo and will report back.


Great upgrade or my Marlin 60's

from vet to vet thank you for your service to take up arms for this great nation! now to the reason for this email (please excuse any type O's /punctuation and possible spelling errors). I recently received my order of 2 Marlin 60/795 subsonic recoil springs. I have had my 60's apart quite often over the past 30 plus years. even though the new springs were slightly longer than the originals ( I assumed it is because of repeated compression of thousands of rounds over the 3 decades span) the new springs are AWSEOME and went in without a struggle! only had them installed for about 30 minutes but ALL WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A HICCUP! Sorry for my lack of proper English usage, but I was a grunt for 20 years... typing and grammar is NOT my forte'. I just wanted to say "thank you for making a quality part for this aging Marine and his aged weapon!" I look forward to your you tube channel … Gunny out!


Good stuff

The spring functions as designed. Very good product.