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Trigger Pull Reduction Percentage

How to get the Trigger Pull Reduction Percentage with the proper Trigger Pull Gauge. "Factory Trigger Pull" minus "Modified Trigger Pull" divided by "Factory Trigger Pull" equals "Trigger Pull Reduction Percentage".

All Trigger Pulls are different and will require a 5 trigger pull average. We highly recommend the Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge. When choosing a Trigger Pull Scale make sure it's specifically designed for use with firearms.

We don't recommend using luggage scales or fishing scales as they are not as precise or properly calibrated for a firearms application. We recommend a quality Digital Trigger Pull Scales but if you have to a Manual Trigger Pull Scale will work.

Below is our list of recommend trigger pull gauges that we use here in house!

Best Trigger Pull Gauge

  1. Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge
  2. Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge
  3. Wheeler Engineering Trigger Pull Scale

We voted the Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge as number one, followed by the Wheeler Digital Trigger Pull Gauge and then the Wheeler manual trigger pull gauge. We highly recommend using a Trigger Pull Gauge from Lyman or Wheeler. Get a quality gauge to give you quality results!