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Marlin 60 Ejector Spring Measurement Using A Nickel

By Chris Nelson

For Marlin 60 owners, tuning or checking the ejector spring's position without calipers is now simpler using common coins. The thickness of a Nickel is apt for measuring both the maximum ejector spring height and its side position on the Marlin 60.

To correctly insert the ejector spring gauge into your Marlin, you'll need to detach the trigger assembly from the receiver. For guidance, refer to our Marlin 60 Disassembly Video.

A Nickel or Penny can serve as measurement tools. The Nickel represents a high limit gauge at .075, while a Penny is the low-limit gauge at .060. Any position between these two measurements is optimal. A handy way to recall this is "Nickel high & Nickel wide".

Using the Nickel for Measurement:

1. Place a Nickel atop the feed-throat, ensuring the spring's top aligns with the Nickel's top.

Nickel High Demo

2. Depress the Lifter, position the Nickel inside the feed-throat vertically, and align the Nickel's face with the spring's side.

Nickel Wide Demo
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