Marlin 60 Ejector Wire Gage

Marlin 60 Ejector Spring - Nickel Gauge

This is the Nickel Gauge, an ejector spring gauge for the Marlin 60.

If you own a Marlin 60 this is how to tune or check the ejector spring for proper position without calipers. It just so happens that a Nickel is close enough in thickness to use to measure maximum ejector spring height and proper ejector spring side position on a Marlin 60.

You will need to remove the trigger assembly from the receiver to properly insert the ejector spring gauge into your Marlin.

You can use a Nickel or Penney to measure with. The Nickel is a high limit .075 gauge and a Penney is a low-limit .060 gauge. Anything in-between is a good position.
"Nickel high & Nickel wide" is a good way to remember.
Place a Nickel on top of the feed-throat. Flush top of the spring to top of the Nickel.

Push down the Lifter and place the Nickel on the inside of the feed-throat holding it straight up. Flush face of Nickel to side of spring.

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