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Troubleshooting the Marlin 60 and Marlin 795

By Chris Nelson

If your Marlin 60 or Marlin 795 semi-automatic rifle experiences intermittent cycling failures, first identify if the issue is a failure to load (FTL), failure to fire (FTF), or failure to eject (FTE).

Note: If your recoil spring is bent and you cannot replace it immediately, straighten it as much as possible using needle-nose pliers. When reassembling, ensure the spring is compressed inside the bolt hole before inserting it into the receiver to avoid further bending. Lubricate the spring if necessary.

Marlin 60 Failure To Load (FTL):

  • Clean the rifle action thoroughly, especially the feed-throat, to remove powder residue.
  • Clear extractor indents on both sides of the chamber.
  • Ensure full bolt movement.
  • Inspect the chamber entrance for burrs.
  • Check the recoil spring for wear or weakness and replace if necessary.
  • Remove any excess oil from the action, as the .22lr round produces significant residue.
  • For magazine models, periodically clean the magazine using White Spirit/Fuelite to ensure smooth bridging. If necessary, sand the edges of the magazine bridge for better movement. Remember to reassemble the spring correctly and keep the magazine lubricated.
  • For tube models, keep the tube lubricated.

Marlin 60 Failure To Fire (FTF):

  • Check for faulty cartridges, particularly missing primer gel.
  • Examine the firing pin for wear or damage and replace if necessary.
  • Light striking may result from a worn hammer spring, modifying the spring to lighten the trigger, or long-term storage with the action open, which weakens the spring.
  • Check for wear in the slot that secures the firing pin to the bolt.
  • Occasionally, new semi-automatic rifles have overly strong recoil springs. Solutions include using an older spring, cycling with CCI minimag hv rounds, or leaving the action open for several days to relax the spring.

Marlin 60 Failure To Eject (FTE):

  • Clean the action thoroughly and, upon reassembly, apply a maximum of one drop of oil only on bolt surfaces. Alternatively, use a tested dry lubricant.
  • Ensure the ejector wire is correctly positioned.
  • Disassemble the bolt, clean it, and inspect the extractors, replacing them if needed.

Marlin 60 & Marlin 795 Additional Tips:

  • Semi-automatic rifles can be particular about the ammunition they cycle effectively. Marlins generally perform well with CCI rounds.
  • Keep Marlin semi-automatic rifles clean and dry. Excess oil can hinder performance.
  • Avoid leaving the action open during storage to prevent spring wear and potential light strikes.
  • Adjust the front bedding screw pressure to optimize accuracy without over-tightening.
  • Don't overtighten the trigger guard screw; it can break or affect the receiver's cycling.
  • If the trigger guard breaks, either replace it or consider plastic welding as an affordable and effective fix.

With the right setup, preparation, and maintenance, Marlin rifles can offer long-lasting reliability.

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Marlin 60 won't chamber from tube magazine when inside ati dragsnov stock
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Marlin 60 won't chamber from tube magazine when inside ati dragsnov stock
Robert5HP1P8XN June 10, 2023 9:53 AM