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KEL-TEC KSG Single Point Sling Mount

KEL-TEC KSG Grip Plug - Adds Storage Options

KSG Target Trigger & Trigger Spring Kit Installation by M*CARBO

KSG 6 Point Barrel Nut Wrench and Muzzle Plate Demo by M*CARBO

KSG Extended Magazine Tube Switch Installation by M*CARBO (No Longer Available)

KSG Shell Deflector Installation by M*CARBO

KSG Sherman Tank Muzzle Brake Installation by M*CARBO (No Longer Available)

KSG Breacher Barrel Nut, Spikes and Mag Tube Followers Installation by M*CARBO

KSG Rubber Adhesive Grips Installation

KEL TEC KSG Vise Block - KSG Barrel Nut Removal Tool

KEL TEC KSG Recoil Pad Cheek Pad Options