KEL-TEC Installation Service for M*CARBO Parts

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Do you want KEL-TEC to install your M*CARBO parts into your KEL-TEC Firearm?

KEL-TEC now officially installs M*CARBO parts at the factory!

Your Official Point of Contact is Sean Turpin the Customer Service Manager at KEL-TEC Weapons. His contact info is on the KEL-TEC Installation Contact Form. Please print and fill out the KEL-TEC Installation Contact Form and include it in the box with your M*CARBO Parts and KEL-TEC Firearm.

Installation is a flat rate $40/hr charge which is usually cheaper than a gunsmith, plus KEL-TEC warranties the work.

All parts have to be purchased directly from M*CARBO and then shipped together with your KEL-TEC Firearm to KEL-TEC. No FFL is needed since you are shipping a firearm directly to the factory for repair/installation services. (Address is on the KEL-TEC Installation Contact Form)

Print and Complete KEL-TEC Installation Contact Form