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DP 12 vs KSG | KSG Review & DP-12 Review

DP 12. Well, first thing you notice is it's priced at $1,395 (MSRP) and weighs over 9lb. Comparatively, the KSG only weighs 6.9lbs and costs $990 (MSRP)

DP 12 and KSG

The good news is both Shotguns are made right here in America! The DP-12 is manufactured in Connecticut by Standard Manufacturing Company and the KSG is manufactured in Florida by KEL-TEC!

The DP-12 looks pretty "cool" but the KSG can be had for $800 or less online. Is it over 175% better than a KSG at $1,395?

DP 12 vs KSG Color Options

Standard Manufacturing Company produces the DP-12 in New Britain, CT and it’s an innovative double barrel repeater shotgun! This is the first of its kind, double barreled pump action 12 gauge shotgun that can rapidly deliver 16 slugs in seconds! Standard Manufacturing claims a superior product to other Bullpup Shotguns in terms of consistent reliability with unmatched extreme firepower. The stock has a 21st century touch with a QR code stamped onto it so you can use your smart phone to download the owner’s manual. Standard Manufacturing offers a full line of aftermarket chokes to install right into the spreader choke tubes in the DP-12 barrels. The KSG does not have the ability to run a choke straight from the factory.

DP 12 Firing a Shot

Standard Manufacturing claims “Ergonomically designed to balance the weight of a loaded gun for quick and efficient handling with minimal recoil.” Either way it’s a heavy shotgun and when loaded it will take more effort for “quick and efficient handling” but the felt recoil will seem less due to the extra weight of the shotgun.

DP 12 Shotgun

DP-12 Review of Shotgun Specs:

Caliber: 12 Gauge

Overall Length: 29.5"

Weight (unloaded): 9 pounds 12 ounces

Barrels: 2 x 18 7/8”, chambered for 2 ¾” or 3" shells

Chokes: Both barrels include spreader choke tubes with Tru-Choke thread pattern

Capacity: 14 rounds in magazine tubes + 2 in chambers - 16 total with indicator windows

Action: pump action with two shots from single trigger, inline shell feeding

Material: Machined from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum, Thermal coated receiver

Controls: Ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous pump slide release

Grip: Co-Molded non-slip rubber pistol grip, composite front vertical grip

Stock: Synthetic stock

Forend: Composite material with slots for MOE Rails

Recoil Pad: Rubber with dual spring shock absorbing recoil mechanism

Sling Points: Front sling attachment, sling swivel attachment on stock

Includes: Two Picatinny rails for accessories; seven slot rail on the bottom by the foregrip and a 13.75" 34 slot rail on top.

KEL-TEC KSG Shotgun Features

KSG Review of Shotgun Specs:

Caliber: 12 Gauge

Overall Length: 26.1"

Weight (unloaded): 6 pounds 9 ounces

Barrel: 1 x 18.50”, chambered for 2 ¾” or 3" shells

Choke: None 

Capacity: 12 - 3” rounds in magazine tubes + 1 in chamber - 13 total (3” rounds)

Action: Pump action with one shot from single trigger pull

Controls: Ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous pump slide release. Patented downward ejection system makes it truly ambidextrous.

Grip: Composite pistol grip, composite front vertical grip

Stock: Composite Graphite Polymer Stock / Steel Receiver

Forend: Composite Graphite Infused Polymer

Recoil Pad: Rubber Recoil Pad

Accessories:  M*CARBO KEL-TEC KSG Upgrades are Available!

DP 12 and KSG Barrel Comparison

However, at 9lbs plus the weight of 16 rounds(over 2lbs heavier than a KSG w/13 rounds), the DP-12 would be quite a load to carry.

I think the price will be the main thing that steers interest away from the DP-12 but, I'd consider buying one just for its curiosity value. However, there are a lot of other very fine firearms that one could buy for much less.

I think it's a question of balance between speed and accuracy.

Sometimes it's just "fun" to blast the heck out of stuff and shoot as fast as you can BUT we all know that accuracy suffers when you do it. On the other hand, you need to know you can shoot your firearm (whatever it is) accurately when you need to do so, otherwise you'll never know your limits or if you can hit what you aim at.

In most Home Defense situations, you may not need to fire any more than 2-3 rounds at relatively close range 10-12 yards max, which is all going to be just "point and shoot." The greater the threat (an armed assailant), the more rapidly you'd want to shoot.

DP-12 Review

DP 12 Smoke Photo

Standard Manufacturing is a US based firearms manufacturer that designs, machines and assembles its own firearms in a facility located at 100 Burritt Street, New Britain, CT, USA.3 acres, on one floor. Virtually everything is done in house, including the finishing. We currently have about 100 highly skilled employees and use the very finest modern and old world machinery. Coming out of the highly respected firm of which is considered by its peers to be one of the finest firearms manufacturers in the world, winning many awards and accolades. Standard Manufacturing has been around for 8 years but the parent company, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co., has been in New Britain, CT for 43 years.

DP 12 Accessories

DP-12 For Sale:

DP 12 Shotgun "The Works 1"

DP-12 with "The Works #1"


DP 12 Shotgun "The Works 2"

DP-12 with "The Works #2"


DP 12 Double Barrel Black and Gold

DP-12 Black & Gold Option


DP 12 Double Pump Shotgun

DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun


DP 12 Dark Earth Color

DP-12 Flat Dark Earth Option


DP 12 Green Color

DP-12 OD Green Option


The DP-12 offers a lot of features, however in trying to combine all of that into one platform something had to give, which was size and weight…..this is a large, bulky/heavy bullpup that doesn’t always handle gracefully. While the KSG is ideally sized for indoor use, home defense, or CQB……the DP-12 would likely be a bit more difficult to use in those circumstances. This isn’t to say I can’t see a use for it. Anyone working outdoors, preferably from a vehicle, and needing a lot of firepower could make good use of this thing. Border patrol agents came to mind, as did ranchers and security types working outdoors. If you were doing executive protection, I could see keeping one of these in the trunk of the vehicle just in case. It could be the tipping point in an unexpected encounter.

KEL-TEC CNC Industries, Inc 

M*CARBO KEL-TEC KSG Upgrades are Available!


Kel-Tec CNC Industries. Inc. was founded 1991 in Cocoa, Florida. Initially a CNC machine shop making firearms components for Grendel Inc. Kel-Tec began manufacturing firearms in 1995 with the P-11™, the first 9mm polymer pistol for concealed carry. KEL TEC then began specializing in innovative rifle designs and other concealed carry handguns. Kel-Tec CNC, Inc. is firmly committed to the innovation, development and production of original, unique, high-performance firearms.

DP-12 vs KSG

KSG Shotgun With Sight

In terms of ergonomics and use, the KSG incorporates a couple of features I love. It feeds and ejects through the same port on the bottom of the weapon, and being able to toggle back and forth between magazines is an interesting feature. I like it, but I think it has some limitations: for tactical use I’d train to run one magazine dry and switch to the next as an instant reload, rather than trying to alternate loads. Having one mag filled with buckshot and the other with slugs is an interesting idea, but not one I’d want to implement under pressure.

The KSG is a quick, handy little weapon. By contrast, the DP-12 is a beast in every sense of the word. Large, heavy, solidly constructed, and promising to deliver a lot of firepower. The trigger fires both barrels in sequence with every pull, and the magazines each feed on barrel. In theory, this combines the best of both worlds: the quick reloads of a pump action with the instant follow-up shot of a double barrel.

The KSG-25 is no ordinary KSG, in that its extended dual tube magazines hold twenty 3 inch, 12 gauge shells (plus one in the chamber).Of course you will also have the option and the flexibility of switching between various projectiles. A patented downward ejection system makes it truly ambidextrous, while its 38 inch overall length, and 30.5 inch cylinder bore barrel still makes it more compact than a traditional style shotgun that holds a fraction of the amount of ammo.

KSG For Sale:

KSG Shotgun Accessories

M*CARBO KEL-TEC KSG Upgrades are Available!


KEL-TEC Factory KSG Shotgun

I’ve seen the KSG come from the factory in OD Green, Coyote Tan, Titanium, and Patriot Brown.



Price:$1,400 (MSRP)

Caliber: 12 gauge – 2 ¾” and 3” Shells

Weight: 6.2lbs

KSG Tactical

KEL-TEC KSG Tactical Shotgun

Price: $1,200 (MSRP)

Caliber: 12 gauge – 2 ¾” and 3” Shells

Weight: 6.2lbs



Price: $1,299 (MSRP)

Caliber: 12 gauge – 2 ¾” and 3” Shells

Weight: 6.2lbs

DP 12 vs KSG

KSG Shotgun In Action

In short, both are good at what they’re designed to do. Both are fun to shoot and really, really cool to handle. The KSG and DP-12 with their innovative designs herald the future of tactical shotguns. Moving away from sporting designs like the 870 and 590, the purpose built designs open up a world of options for both home defense and tactical field operations.

The KSG is KEL-TEC's first shotgun, and it sets a good all around standard for Bullpup Shotguns. The KSG is more pleasant simply because there is less heat and smoke in your face than other Bullpup Shotguns….especially the DP-12.

The KSG started as a curiosity for most gun owners but it has earned more respect from enthusiasts since it came out in 2011.Most notable feature of the KSG is that it’s a Real Ambidextrous Bullpup that ejects downward and offers versatility most would come to appreciate over time, especially when adopted by Military or Law Enforcement Units.

The only draw-back to the downward ejection is the ejected shells from the KSG will hit your wrist when they eject. The force is hard to enough to cause a distracting reflex flinch .M*CARBO solves this problem with the KSG Shell Deflector which does just that, deflects the distracting shells away from the shooter. M*CARBO also has plenty of other KSG Solutions here KEL-TEC KSG Accessories.

You want capacity?! You will get capacity! The KSG can hold 7+7+1 (2 ¾”) rounds, meaning it has two feeding tubes that hold seven rounds each and of course you can chamber a round. Like the UTS-15, this means that you can have 7+1 rounds of one type of ammo and 7 rounds of another, and quickly choose between each whenever you desire. Also, there's a handy slide release in front of the trigger but it could be extended to make the release easier to find under pressure.

What really sets the KSG apart for me however is its reduced weight and compact features. There isn't a shotgun off the top of my head that I would rather have in tight corners or spaces. It doesn't look or feel like it should have a 14 round capacity or an 18.5" barrel. Thus it is a true representation of what a Bullpup shotgun should be!

It’s a pretty streamlined and ergonomic looking shotgun! The most similar looking shotgun is the UTS-15 which is bigger than the KSG but I don't like the feel as much, and you don't get anything (except for a selector switch mode) that the KSG doesn't offer. There are pictures of the KSG everywhere for good reason!

It's also pleasant to have pic rails. Like any of these Bullpup shotguns, if you're used to shooting traditional shotguns you'll probably have trouble at first. The KSG top rail can be fitted with any optics you desire to fix this problem, and you can add things like a KSG Foregrip and other KSG Accessories to the bottom rail. I would highly recommend getting the KSG Aluminum Safety Rail Cover to avoid any accidents under rapid fire. The KSG started off with a bang when a guy shot most of his hand off during a rapid fire exercise at the range. His hand slipped off of the foregrip while chambering a round after it snapped loose and his hand slid in front of the tip of the barrel as he subsequently pulled the trigger.

The foregrip snapped loose due to the plastic rail on the bottom of the KSG. With the Aluminum Safety Pic Rail it will offer a lightweight mounting platform that will locate to the complete lower half of the forend.

If I had to complain, I would say that it's awkward to reload because the feed is so far back on the stock. However, I haven't seen a Bullpup that really solved this problem except for the Saiga12 with a magazine feed.

I might also complain that once a feeding tube is empty you have to find the selector switch and switch to the other tube or reload. This could be costly in the heat of action, although 7+1 is pretty good if you just count one barrel.

KSG Shotgun Choke Adapter

The Price of the KSG is pretty cheap in the $800-900 range, when compared to the $1,400 DP-12 Shotgun. The overall KSG package is just a fun and reliable shotgun. When the KSG is laid out on a table next to other guns, it's hard not to pick it up first.

Now on the other side of the fence is the DP-12 and I just had to include this readers comment on the DP-12……“DP-12...Just plan BADASS! Now, if you get the custom silhouette choke tubes and short spike end caps....WOW! BADASS on steroids...PERIOD”. Haha…I guess that’s one way of summing it up. The DP-12 is Badass to look at but not quite as functional for a first choice tactical pick due to the weight and bulky limitations that come with it. Let’s enter the head to head DP-12 vs KSG Review…………

DP-12 vs KSG

Standard Manufacturing DP-12

DP 12 Shotgun Outdoor Shooting Range

Standard Manufacturing DP-12 is simply D-double, P-pump, 12-gauge. It’s a double barreled pump action shotgun with a 16-round capacity and inline feeding tubes. Barrels are 18-7/8”, machined from bars of 41-30 steel, and accept Tru-Chokes. The optional door breaching spreader chokes are really cool. Standard Manufacturing is an offshoot of Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing, builder of fine doubles and custom shotguns. Headquartered in a three-acre building in New Britain, CT, Standard Mfg is an American company building the DP-12 from start to finish on home turf. MSRP is $1395.


KSG Shotgun Outdoor Shooting Range

Kel Tec’s KSG shotgun features a single 18.5” barrel, dual magazine tubes, and a 14-round capacity of 2-3/4” rounds in the tubes. Feeding is manually selected with a lever behind the trigger guard while the pump release lever is located in front of the trigger guard. The KSG weighs seven pounds empty and wears a soft rubber butt pad. It measures at just a hair over 26” overall. The KSG has been on the market much longer and has worked out many kinks in that time. Its MSRP comes in significantly lower at $990.

Accessories: M*CARBO KEL-TEC KSG Upgrades are Available!

Accuracy: They are equally accurate at bedroom distances as well. The point is, at close range - 30 yards or less -operation of these bullpup shotguns, both are equally capable. The truest test comes down to reliability of feeding because these bullpups are all about rapid fire power! The DP-12 comes with interchangeable spreader chokes, and sells a sweet set of door breachers. Shooters seeking chokes for the Kel Tec KSG must first buy the M*CARBO KSG Choke Tube Adapter, which then allows for the use of 2” body Chokes.

CapacityKSG has a 14+1 capacity, with two tubes holding 7 shells each.

The DP-12 houses 16-rounds of 2-3/4” 12 gauge ammo in the dual tubes. The KSG’s dual tube magazines hold 14 rounds of the same ammo. However the KSG-25 will hold 20 rounds!

There’s capacity all around the table here!

While a two round difference is hardly reason for superiority, the KSG can only be set to feed from one side at a time. Once one tube is empty, the shooter must manually select the other magazine. The DP-12, however, pulls from both mag tubes with each pump, granting true double tap capability and better use of the high capacity.

Construction: The DP-12 is built from one solid block of aluminum which is ideal but way more expensive. It’s not entirely fair to compare two guns of such different price points on quality. Nonetheless, DP-12 would beat almost any gun out there based on build quality. This is not a polymer piecemeal weapon. The DP-12 is built from one solid block of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. Kel Tec achieves lighter weight and lower price by utilizing significant amounts of polymer, in the stock, forend, and receiver areas.

Feeding & Reliability: Rather than offset feeding, the DP-12 feeds entirely inline and functions flawlessly. They had the luxury and the ability to learn from the mistakes of others, including Kel Tec. While the KSG has gone through several generations, the earlier versions had their issues with feed reliability, drawing from two magazine tubes to feed a single center barrel. Later models have worked out the kinks, however; but the edge still goes to the DP-12. Besides, it’s very possible an adrenaline laden shooter forgets to switch to the second tube on the KSG.

Innovation: KEL-TEC really opened up the market for bullpup shotguns here, but it is Standard Manufacturing that perfected it with dual barrels and one solid chunk of metal on the DP-12. Inline feeding, picatinny and MOE mounts, chokes, etc. What looks like an awkward buttpad area on the DP-12 is actually a spring loaded recoil mechanism.

SpeedThe KSG requires the shooter to manipulate a selector to switch tubes, which could slow down the shooter. M*CARBO offers a faster option with the Extended Mag Tube Switch KSG Upgrade.

No Doubt… Both shotguns take some getting used to.

But the DP-12 gives you two shots with each pump and does not require flipping a switch between magazines like the KSG.

DP-12 can be emptied of its 16 shots in 8 seconds.

KSG can be emptied of its 14 rounds in 15 seconds.

Not that any of that is your goal or intention it gives you the idea of how much more time it takes the shooter to switch mag tubes to fully empty the shotgun. Now if you’re using the extended mag tube switch your able to empty the KSG’s 14 rounds in 12 seconds flat. It will literally save you 3 seconds of lag time between “mag changes”.

Versatility: The KSG’s feed tube lever and pump release are both mounted on back and front of the trigger guard, respectively, making them ambidextrous. The Safety mechanism is also Ambidextrous. Standard Manufacturing had the forethought to make both the AR-style safety and the slide release ambidextrous and easy to reach.

The overbuilt nature of the DP-12 comes with more than just a heavier price tag. It’s a heavy shotgun all around at 9 pounds empty and over 10 pounds loaded. The use of weight-saving polymer on the KSG shaves weight, putting it at 6.9 pounds empty and just over 8 pounds loaded. While the KSG total length is just over 26,” the DP-12 is 29.5”. The KSG is easier to carry and maneuver; the DP-12 has significantly less felt recoil due to its extra mass. It’s all back to what you need and want in a Bullpup Shotgun….Speed or Firepower!

DP 12 Barrel

Last 2 Cents!

The Kel Tec KSG is easier to find, available in more color options, cheaper, lighter and fun to run. It really runs great with buck shot and slugs in a very compact package. The KSG provides lots of bang for the buck, literally.

The two barrels of the DP-12 immediately set it apart from the competition and the solid construction keeps it at a distance. If you’re ok buying a bulky/heavier shotgun, you would be getting the benefit of less felt recoil, higher firepower, and the joy of two barrels.

Accessories: M*CARBO KEL-TEC KSG Upgrades are Available!

Now what if we wanted to add the Saiga 12 to the mix last minute and do a Saiga 12 vs KSG or DP-12?

I like all three but I don't think a comparison to include the Saiga12 is really relevant, since it’s a semi-automatic magazine fed shotgun. It's an apples vs oranges debate; really no point to it. Each does what they do very well but neither of them can do exactly what the other does.

Now back to the Final Results of the KSG vs DP-12

KSG Shotgun Cerakote

For Home Defense, I'd choose the KSG because it's smaller/compact and lighter for use in close quarters. It’s much more efficient design would be ideal for close quarters combat.

DP 12 Fully Upgraded

For Killing Zombies out in the open, I'd choose the DP-12 shotgun hands down. You just can’t go wrong with 2 barrels and massive firepower.

DP 12 Shotgun Black and Gold