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Marlin 60 vs Marlin 795

One of the greatest debates in the world of firearms has to be which .22 caliber rifle model is the best. While there are many different .22 rifle models on the market today, two of the most talked about are the Marlin 60 and the Marlin 795. Made by the same company, both of these firearms have their own fan base, but the Marlin model 60 seems to be the most popular of the two. Today we are going to compare these guns and learn why so many people love them. We will learn what sets them apart and which one is the best for shooting events.

Marlin 60

Marlin 60: The Marlin 60 has been around for many years. Often referred to as the “most popular 22 in the world”, the model 60 has been in production since the year 1960. One of the things that sets this rifle apart from the Marlin 795, it’s younger brother, is the fact that the model 60 has a tube magazine. The tubular magazine is located under the barrel of the rifle and has a capacity of 15 rounds for models after the 1980s and an 18 round capacity pre 1980s. Modern gun legislation forced the changed in the magazine capacity. The rifle has an overall length of 37.5 inches and a 19-inch barrel with a twist rate of 1:16”. The rifle features a “last-shot” bold hold open. This gun weighs 5.5 pounds making it heavier than the Marlin 795.

Marlin 795

Marlin 795: The Marlin 795 was introduced to the shooting world in the year 1997. It features a black synthetic stock and an 18-in barrel with a twist rate of 1:16”. The rifle has an overall length of 37 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds. The firearm also has a “last shot” bolt hold open. A standard 10 round box detachable magazine comes standard with this model. Those looking for more capacity can also purchase an aftermarket 25 round banana clip for the rifle. The Marlin 795 has a sleek modern look that appeals to many young shooters.

What Sets These Rifles Apart?

As you can tell from the information above, both the Marlin 60 and the Marlin 795 are very similar firearms. They share many of the same features including the “last shot” bolt hold open and a twist rate of 1:16”. But there are a few things that set these two guns apart. The most obvious feature that makes these guns different is the magazine type. The Marlin 60 has a tubular magazine that holds up to 14 rounds and the Marlin 795 has a detachable 10 round box magazine. The second thing that set these firearms apart is the weight. At 5.5 pounds, the Marlin 60 is a full pound heavier than the Marlin 795. The Marlin 60 can be purchased new with a classic wood stock or a synthetic stock. The Marlin 795 only comes new in a synthetic stock but don't worry Boyds makes a wide variety of aftermarket wooden stocks for both rifles. The Marlin 60 and Marlin 795 are both very accurate due to the Marlin patented Microgroove rifling that has 5 grooves for every 1/10th of an inch bore diameter.

What Makes the Marlin 60 Most Popular?

One of the reasons why the Marlin 60 has been so popular for so long is their durability. The model 60 has been around the block and has been put through the test. This rifle is known for being handed down from generation to generation, and if you purchase one, chances are it will last you a lifetime. Just read about the Marlin 60 History and you will see why! People are so familiar with these guns and buying one for a loved one is often their first choice. Young shooters around the country have learned the importance of gun safety and how to shoot targets. These guns are often the first firearm owned and over 11 million of them have been produced over the last 56 years. Another reason the Marlin 60 has remained the favorite is because it simply doesn’t have a high failure rate. Most of these guns will remain jam free with minimal cleaning by the owner. But jamming can be reduced by using high-grade ammunition. This is partly due to the way the rounds are fed into the rifles chamber. Having a tubular magazine helps reduce jams and misfires. On the other hand, firearms with box fed magazines like the Marlin 795 tend to be more prone to jams. While the Marlin 795 has been known to jam, it still has its benefits over the Marlin 60 as you will see below.

Which Rifle Is Better for The Appleseed Shooting Event?

Project Appleseed was founded and designed to test and improve the skills of marksmen of all ages. The goal is to build a nation of riflemen that support the heritage of the rifle which helped foster the birth of our nation. The program also includes gun safety and proper shooting tactics. Around the country, Appleseed shooting events take place and everyone who is interested in the sport of shooting is encouraged to join in. But which rifles are approved for these shooting events? The Marlin model 60 is always welcomed at any Appleseed shooting event. But the model 60 is probably not the best rifle for this fast-paced environment. Due to the course of fire, the Marlin 795 is considered one of the best firearms to purchase for an Appleseed event. Because of its detachable magazine, this rifle is preferred over the Marlin 60. Shooting in an Appleseed event can be fast paced so having a detachable magazine makes the process much easier. Additionally, the model 795 is a full pound lighter than the model 60 making it much easier to carry around. While you might not think a pound makes a difference, when you are carrying it around all day it starts to add up. Younger shooters may also have more trouble handling a heavier rifle. So if you or someone you know is thinking about buying a .22 caliber rifle and is planning on taking the Appleseed challenge, the Marlin 795 is the perfect rifle for the job. The model 795 is also very affordable and can be purchased for under $200 allowing shooters to join the sport for a small investment.

Both Rifles Make a Great Investment

While the Marlin 795 is the best for Appleseed shooting events, both rifles are a great investment. So no matter which firearm you choose, you can’t go wrong. There are many different .22 caliber rifles on the market today but these two firearms are some of the best. Affordable and highly durable, these guns will provide you with years of shooting enjoyment. If you are thinking of purchasing a new rifle this year, why not check out these two amazing American classics? You really can't go wrong with these time tested firearms. But remember you just might get addicted to shooting them! Learn about the increased performance available for the Marlin 60 and Marlin 795.

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I'm not writing to ask a question, but to add some insight. I am a Project Appleseed Instructor, and I'm here to say that the Marlin 795 is probably the second most popular rifle on the line in events nationwide. It is exceedingly rare to see the Model 60. Primarily it's because there are transition stages and timed portions that make the model 60 a much greater challenge to use. As it happens, I am one of those stubborn souls who insists on sticking to my pre-1980 Model 60, recently enhanced with the MCarbo trigger kit and a Boyd's stock (which, truthfully, only made it heavier, but I'm good with that.) However, the rifles I keep for loaning to participants are both Model 795s, for the very reasons you mention here. Thanks for this review, folks, and for the additional exposure of Project Appleseed to the shooting public. Cheers.
Mrs. Smith December 13, 2017 9:23 PM
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I've used a 60 at an Appleseed. Using a speed loader greatly enhanced the experience. The accuracy of my 20 year old stock Model 60 was staying right with Ruger 10/22's upgraded with bull barrels and high end stocks. If someone uses a Model 60, I can't recommend using a speed loader enough.
October 23, 2017 9:42 AM