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SUB-2000 Glock 19 vs 17

Glock 17 is the Full Size 9mm Frame SUB-2000.

Glock 17 Mag Strip

Glock 19 is the Compact Size 9mm Frame SUB-2000.

Glock 19 Mag Grip

33Rd Magazines - AKA "Happy Sticks!"

SUB-2000 Glock 19 vs 17  33RD Mags

You can run a "Standard" size mag (G17) in your "Compact" Pistol Grip (G19) but not the other way around.

Sub-2000 G19 or G17?

I'm considering a SUB-2000 in 9 mm with Glock mag compatibility.

My question is, should I get the Glock 19 or 17 gripped Sub-2000? I have a G17, but to my way of thinking, the G19 Sub-2000 would seem to provide greater mag options - being able to take the smaller G19 mags as well as the larger ones whereas the G17 Sub2K could only take the G17 and larger mags.

Am I missing something here?

Is the G19 version of the Sub-2000 just the G17 version with a shorter grip?

You have more Magazine options with the G19 Compact Grip option as it will function with all mag lengths:

  • G19 Mags
  • G17 Mags
  • 33Rd Mags (aka Happy Sticks)

The G19 Compact Grip is about a 1/2 inch shorter than the full size grip so there is a trade off to be considered here. Do you have larger hands? Then you may want to consider the Full Size Frame Glock 17 option.

Are you more concerned with portability and concealment? Then you may want to go for the Compact Frame Glock 19.

Take a look at the SUB-2000 Concealment Bag options we listed here.

I want to be able to use the same mags in both as well as use the 33 rders in whichever Glock I get.

SUB 2000 Grips Chart

SUB2K Grip Comparison Chart

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