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M*CARBO Dealer Program:

Last Updated: 08/24/2023

  • Conveniently order online through your custom Dealer Account with adjusted pricing reflected in Shopping Cart
  • Annual Account Re-Approvals Required (Updated Copy of FFL on file if Expired)
  • Standard Return Policy still Applies to Dealer Accounts
  • Align with Dealer Program Policies to maintain Active Status.

How to Sign Up:

  1. Create a user account here
  2. Send an Email with the following documents to
    1. Copy of your current FFL
    2. Picture of your Physical Store Front and/or Online Store Web Address
    3. Copy and Paste this Statement of Understanding in your Email: "I/we understand and will comply with M*CARBO Dealer Policies, Annual Re-Approvals, Standard Return Policy, and Minimum Advertised Pricing Restrictions."

Dealer Policies:

  • Dealers are Not Permitted to Sell M*CARBO Products on 3rd Party Auction / Re-Sale Websites similar to but not limited to eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Gunbroker, etc.
  • Dealers are Never Permitted to ever sell M*CARBO product for less than M*CARBO advertises on our website
  • Dealers must place at least one order per calendar year to keep account is active status.

US Dealer Discounts:

  • 15% Off all orders
  • 20% Off orders over $7500
  • 25% Off orders over $10,000