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Best Carrying Case for the KEL TEC SUB-2000

Welcome to the fold! Now let’s figure out how to carry your SUB-2000 around. Keep in mind that the SUB-2000 is adjustable and foldable to 16.25" x 7". If you have a foregrip and optics you will need to account for that as well as the adjustable position you have the butt stock configured to.

Great Concealed Carry Bags:

The idea behind any concealed carry bag is that it has to blend in and not attract any extra attention. The more common the brand and color of your bag the better because people are much less likely to compliment you on it or pay any special attention to your bag if they’ve seen it in every Starbucks or Airport in America on a daily basis. Just keep that in mind when selecting a gym bag or laptop case for a concealed carry option. Gray and black are the most common bag colors in the US.

(#1) Targus 17” Neoprene Laptop Case ($25.39) - measures 17.5” x 13.35” x 2.5” and has great reviews. These 17” computer bags will give more protection and they don’t stick out that you are carrying your SUB-2000 around which is perfect for a concealed carry bag. It’s inconspicuous and looks like you are on your way to a business meeting. It also has plenty of pockets for magazines and extra ammo.

Targus 17” Neoprene Laptop Case

Targus Neoprene Sleeve Designed for 17-Inch Notebooks, Black/Blue Accents (CVR217) ($25.39)

(#2) SwissGear 17” Laptop Backpack ($59.99) – measures 18.5” x 13.5” x 8.5” and has a 1908 cubic inch capacity and has over 5,000 Five Star Reviews. There are plenty of pockets and organizers inside for magazines and ammo. I’ve personally seen tons of these bags in airports when traveling. This is a really popular and well made bag that would not create any suspicion if you we’re walking around with one. They are the choice of working professionals and will not attract any undue attention.

SwissGear 17” Laptop Backpack

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack - 19" eBags Exclusive (59.99)

(#3) DIY Custom Foam & Hard Case Order

SUB-2000 Custom Foam & Hard Case Order

The entire design is user configurable, and they even have a SUB-2000 template you can use on their site.

(#4) Loaded Gear HD-400 Hard Case ($107.97) (20.2 x 16 x 8 inches, 9 pounds)This is the perfect sized hard case that is a blank canvas to create your own custom carry options for your SUB-2000. It comes with two layers of egg crate foam liner that you can measure and cut to fit your SUB-2000 and various magazines. It's also outfitted with 2 grasping latches and 2 padlock mounting points. It's a watertight and airtight seal with edge-to-edge crushproof protection. It's even got an external purge valve to equalize the atmospheric pressure inside the case. A shoulder strap is also included. Make sure to put some stiff material around the magazine because they are heavy when loaded and will flop around. Add an extra piece of foam to this case to keep everything more securely in place. Then use that extra piece of foam to make your template for you SUB-2000 and magazine configuration. You could even create alternate configurations that you change in and out depending on what your doing that day.

Loaded Gear HD-400 Hard Case Open Loaded Gear HD-400 Hard Case with Sub-2000

Loaded Gear HD-400 Hard Case, Black, Large by BARSKA

(#5) Gun Broker Violin Case ($160) - If you really want to get wild with your concealed carry devices then check out this one on Gun Broker. There is a guy making custom violin cases that are fully customizable to fit any configuration you can think of for your SUB-2000. The case will hold your SUB-2000 and spare magazines as well as the matching pistol. For example you can hold 8 (33 rd) Glock 19 magazines and 6 standard magazines or make a special space for your 50 round drum. You just have to let him know what you want and he will make it for you. I’m not sure what the turnaround time is for a custom case. These are made in Saint Louis, MO and will cost an additional $30 in ground shipping. The major drawback with this device is that it will attract attention and people might approach you to see what instrument you play. If you do use this as a concealed carry bag, make sure you have a well rehearsed cover story with some instrumental violin knowledge in it to back up your play. Otherwise this could make a fun range bag that will definitely make you the talk of the firing line.

SUB-2000 Violin Case

Search Gun Broker for "SUB-2000 Violin Case"

Great Range Bags:

An ideal range bag would have plenty of storage for the firearm and extra storage for magazines, ammo, cleaning kit, tools, targets, etc.

(#1) LA Police Gear 3 Day Backpack ($29.99) – measures 19” x 13” x 12” and tapers to 9” thick at the top of bag. This is a great range bag for the price and can even double as a go bag. It’s got a 4.5 Star rating with over 1180 reviews and is certainly worth the bang for the buck. This 3 Day pack has 2,590 cubic inches of storage and plenty of compartments to keep everything organized from ammo, targets, eye protection, ear protection, extra mags, etc. It’s MOLLE compatible in case you need to strap on external pouches and has dual compression straps to control the load. This would be a great range bag/carrying case that’s dedicated just for your SUB-2000. It would be nice to keep this one all packed up for those quick trips to the range to blow off some steam at the end of the day.

LA Police Gear 3 Day Backpack

LA Police Gear 3 Day Backpack 2.0 - Black ($44.99)

(#2) Allen Contender Pistol Case ($45.75) - is 22 inches long and made from 1200 Endura Outter Shell, 7/8” Inner Foam and a #8 zipper. This case is plenty long enough to fit the SUB-2000 that measures in at 16.25” total length when folded in half. There is even enough room to fit a Glock 17 pistol in the main pocket along with your SUB-2000. The bag also has two large outer compartments one on each side of the bag. The outer compartments will hold plenty of magazine options (2 (33rds), 2 (17rds), and 2 (10rds) to be exact) and plenty of extra room for your pistol holster, ammo and a cleaning kit. This bag will carry everything you need, while still being small enough to get around the range easy enough. This case will work for both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 SUB-2000.

Allen Contender Pistol Case

Allen Encore/Contender Rifle Case with Barrel Pocket, 43" ($45.75)

(#3) KEL TEC SUB Soft Case from KEL TEC ($28.69) - This case measures 17” x 9” and is approximately 2.75” thick making it a very snug fit for your stock SUB-2000. It’s decent quality and moderately padded. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to put very many external modifications on your SUB-2000 and still be able to cram it into this case. There are 2 straps to hold 2 spare magazines on the inside of the case but nothing to hold the rifle in place but since it’s such a snug fit you don’t need that feature. One major downside is that this is a “Range Bag” and there aren’t any external pockets or much room for anything other than a stock SUB-2000 and 2 spare mags. This case will work for both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 SUB-2000. We recommend KEL TEC add external pockets for mags or molle to attach magazine pouches. The lack of extra storage is a big negative and will only fit a completely stripped weapon. The fit is so snug that the zipper rubs the barrel tip. These bags would not work for the California SUB-2000 or the Canada SUB-2000 since they are much longer than the standard versions. Although it is a no frills sort of bag it is very unobtrusive when in the truck.

Soft Case from KEL TEC Open Soft Case from KEL TEC with SUB-2000

Kel Tec Soft Case For SUB-2000 Black With Kel-Tec ($28.69)

Bonafide SUB-2000 Carrying Cases

Here is a complete list of recommendations and submissions by fellow M*CARBO Brotherhood Members who are currently using these bags as their KEL TEC SUB-2000 Case. All cases have been verified to fit the KEL TEC SUB-2000 with accessories and attachments.

VooDoo Tactical 20-0098 Enlarged Pistol Case Open VooDoo Tactical Enlarged Pistol Case

If you like the factory KEL TEC carrying case than you will really love this one by Voodoo Tactical. It's got that little bit of extra room so you can add all the accessories you want without having to worry about your SUB-2000 fitting back into the carrying case. This case even has extra pouches on the outside for magazines and ammo. It's priced at roughly the same price point as the factory SUB-2000 carrying case, making this a much better buy!

Voodoo Tactical Enlarged Pistol Case Black | Measures: 10"L x 19"W x 2"H ($31.95)

Red Rock Outdoor Gear - Rebel Assault Pack

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rebel Assault Pack, Olive Drab/Red ($42.07)

Seahorse SE920FPL GM Protective Equipment Case Open Seahorse SE920FPL Case

This case features wide track wheels and built-in telescoping tote handle for easy rolling. Interior Dimensions: 22.12" x 13.54" x 8.50". Case weight: 12.5 lbs.

Seahorse SE920FPL,GM Protective Equipment Cases (Gun Metal Gray) ($126.39)

CamelBak 2016 Rim Runner 22 Hydration Pack

CamelBak 2016 Rim Runner 22 Hydration Pack, Dusky Green/Black Olive ($69.96)

UTG Gun Case, Dual Storage, Adjustable Shoulder Strap SUB-2000 in UTG Gun Case

UTG Gun Case, Dual Storage, Adjustable Shoulder Strap ($29.84)

5.11 Tactical Men's Select Carry Sling Pack

5.11 Tactical Select Carry Sling Pack, Black/Charcoal ($136.54)

Wenger Legacy 17" Laptop Sleeve

Wenger Legacy 17" Laptop Sleeve (WA-7444-14F00) ($34.95)

Valken Double Rifle Gun Case

V-Tac Valken Tactical 36-Inch Double Rifle Gun Case, Black ($59.99)

Evecase 17.3 Inch Classic Padded Briefcase Messenger Case

Evecase Classic Padded Briefcase Messenger Bag with Shoulder Strap and Handle for Laptops (Gray, 17.3-Inch) ($34.99)

WA-7497-14F00 Notebook Case

SwissGear LEGACY 17inch Notebook Case,Black Gray WA-7497-14F00 ($29.99)

Copper Basin Ruger 10/22 Takedown Pack

Copper Basin Ruger 10/22 Takedown Pack Discrete Firearm Storage, Blue/Gray ($73.98)

Glock Perfection OEM Multi Purpose Backpack Daypack

Glock Perfection OEM Multi Purpose Backpack Daypack, Black ($67.02)

Yukon Outfitters Overwatch Sling

Overwatch Sling Pack ($54.99)

Dakine 26-Litre Duel Pack

Dakine Duel Backpack, One Size/26 L, Carbon ($69.33)

Blackhawk Sportster Hunting Bag SUB-2000 in Blackhawk Sportster Bag Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag

Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag ($39.89)

Vertx EDC GAMUT 18 Hour Backpack Open Vertx EDC GAMUT Backpack

Vertx EDC Gamut 18 Hour Backpack, Bracken ($179.94)

ASG Licensed Dan Wesson Revolver Case SUB-2000 In Dan Wesson Case

ASG Licensed Dan Wesson Revolver Case - Fits Airsoft and Airguns - Black - 3.3" x 9" x 18" ($26.99)

Lancer Tactical Light Weight Hydration Backpack Closed Lancer Tactical Light Weight Hydration Backpack Open

Lancer Tactical Light Weight Hydration Backpack (Black) ($20.99)

Amazon Basics 17.3-Inch Laptop Case Bag

Amazon Basics 17.3-Inch Laptop Bag ($16.99)

Condor Water Hydration Carrier Condor Case with SUB-2000

Condor Hydration Bladder Carrier Coyote ($31.95)

Maxpedition Gila Gearslinger Backpack Maxpedition Gila SUB-2000 Backpack

Sub-2000 in the main compartment is a .40 cal with a MCARBO trigger, trigger spring and screw upgrade and a Viridian C5 laser. There's a Glock 23 in lower compartment. Six 22 round Glock mags in upper compartment.

Maxpedition Gila Gearslinger Backpack, Small, Black ($180.44)


Capable of holding 6 mags, 2 Glock pistols and your SUB-2000.

Skinner Sights "SUB-2000 Sandwich" Carry Bag ($99.00)

Flambeau Outdoors 1711 17 In. Safe Shot Pistol Case Flambeau Outdoors SUB-2000 Case

Flambeau Outdoors 1711 17" Pistol Case ($18.90)

Covrt 18 Backback

5.11 Covrt 18 Backpack (Asphalt/Black, 1 Size) ($109.52)

HACKETT EQUIPMENT Pistol Range Backpack

19" x 18" x 4" Custom designed ranged bag with pouches and pockets to hold just about everything.

HACKETT EQUIPMENT Hackett Equipment Range Bag ($112.19)

Uncle Mike's Tactical Submachine Gun Case

Uncle Mike's Tactical Submachine Gun Case, Black ($21.58)

FASTCAP Kaizen Foam 57 mm Black

A must have for DIY custom case cut-outs for your SUB-2000 and magazines! Foam sheets measure 49 x 24.8 x 2.5 inches. Peel away layers allow you to customize your cut outs even further for the perfect fit. Fastcap Kaizen Foam 57mm (2-1/4") Black ($24.99 + S/H)

Vintage 1960s Samsonite Case Open Vintage 1960s Samsonite Case SUB-2000 Samsonite Case

Vintage 1960's Samsonite briefcase that, found on Ebay for $30. It's 3" deep. The foam is 1" Appalachian gun case foam from Amazon (pictured above). There is a top layer, a bottom layer, and a middle layer that is custom cut using a razor blade and a piece of chalk. Fabric adhesive on the top, bottom, and the bottom side of the middle layer makes it very solid.

Find a Vintage Case on Ebay (~$30.00)

RIDGID 22 in. Pro Organizer RIDGID Pro Tool Box with SUB-2000