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.22 WMR Ballistics Chart

Our 22 WMR Ballistics Chart will give you the bullet ballistic coefficient, muzzle energy, muzzle velocity and bullet drop of 15 popular 22 WMR rimfire cartridges. Cartridges Abbreviated By Manufacturer: (C) = CCI; (H) =Hornady; (R) = Remington; (W) = Winchester

22 WMR Ballistics Chart

Lets compare the Hornady V-MAX .22 WMR Ballistics to the Winchester S22M2 .22 WMR Ballistics!

22 WMR Bullet Weight: Weight of the bullet in grains, there are 7000 grains in one pound; the abbreviation for grains is gr. There are 437.5 grains in one ounce. The bullet weight of Hornady V-MAX Ammunition is 30 grains; therefore its bullet weight is .06 ounces. The bullet weight of Winchester S22M2 Ammunition is also 30 grains; so its bullet weight is also .06 ounces.

22 WMR Ballistics Coefficient (BC): The ballistic coefficient of a bullet is the drag factor of a bullet. The number is in the form of a decimal. The higher the number the lower the drag of the bullet. It's basically a measure of how streamlined the bullet is. The Bullet Ballistic Coefficient for Hornady V-MAX Ammo is .095 compared to the BC of the Winchester S22M2 Bullet of .101. The Winchester S22M2 Bullet has less drag than the Hornady V-MAX Bullet. Reference the Bullet Ballistic Coefficient Chart above.

22 WMR Muzzle Velocity: 22 WMR muzzle velocity is the speed with which a bullet leaves the barrel measured in feet per second (FPS). As a rule the faster the muzzle velocity the shorter the bullets time in flight and therefore a flatter trajectory and less drop. The muzzle velocity of the Hornady V-MAX Ammo is 2,200 fps compared to the 2,250 fps of the Winchester S22M2. The 22 WMR muzzle velocity has a lot to do with the weight of the bullet measured in grains, which is why we see hyper velocity bullets weighing in at 30 gr -32 gr. If you look at the 22 WMR ballistics table above you will see how the muzzle velocity of 22 WMR diminishes at 100 yards and 200 yards for each of these rounds.

22 WMR Muzzle Energy: 22 WMR muzzle energy is measured in foot pounds to determine the destructive potential of the bullet. The 22 WMR muzzle energy is the kinetic energy of the bullet as it leaves the muzzle. Generally the heavier and faster the bullet the more damage it will do to the intended target. As you can see the Winchester S22M2 has a higher muzzle energy at every distance over the muzzle energy of the Hornady V-MAX Ammo. The Winchester S22M2 Ammo has a much higher kinetic energy and more killing power. Look at the 22 WMR ballistics table to compare the muzzle energy at various distances.

22 WMR Bullet Drop Chart: Shows how 22 WMR Hornady Ballistics, 22 WMR CCI Ballistics, 22 WMR Remington Ballistics and 22 WMR Winchester Ballistics compare to one another in the bullet drop comparison at various distances. With a rifle zeroed at 50 yards this 22 WMR bullet drop chart shows how each cartridge compares at distances of 75 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards and 200 yards. If you want to see a visual take a look at the 22 WMR Bullet Trajectory Chart!

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