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What’s the quickest way to improve your accuracy?

By Chris Nelson on March 15, 2015

First, let’s analyze the basic shooting fundamentals.

1.)Stable Position

2.)Sight Picture

3.)Sight Alignment


5.)Trigger Control

6.)Follow Thru

All of these principles require training and practice but only one of these you can fix immediately.

Most people associate accuracy with an expensive high powered scope. A telescopic sight will never make a poor shooter any better. It only places the target and the cross hair on the same focal plane; if the parallax is correctly adjusted. The magnification of the sight will however, magnify the shooter’s errors in sighting and in holding.

Here’s something to think about….Have you ever tried to pull the trigger on your firearm and you thought to yourself that maybe the safety was still on but it wasn't? Then It sounds like you have a heavy trigger pull.

A trigger job is the fastest way to improve your accuracy. It usually involves installing some sort of trigger spring kit or an aftermarket hammer into your trigger assembly. Typically, you can expect to reduce your trigger pull by 1 – 2 pounds. Although this may seem like a small improvement it actually has a major impact on your accuracy. Nearly all firearms come from the factory with a 5 – 7 pound trigger pull. An ideal competition trigger pull weight is a 3 -4 pound trigger pull. Why is that?

  • With a light trigger pull, a shooter will squeeze the trigger instead of pulling or slapping the trigger.
  • You’re more likely to follow thru after each shot. It takes less travel for your trigger to reset and allow you to fire a successive shot.
  • A lighter trigger pull allows professional shooters to reduce creep and travel in their trigger giving them the ability to shoot more accurately in rapid succession.
  • It’s easier to get into a smooth accurate rhythm with a lighter trigger pull.
  • With a lighter trigger pull you’re more in tuned with your firearm and more aware of your trigger squeeze.
  • You are less inclined to jerk your trigger and more likely to smoothly squeeze your trigger.
  • You will develop a smooth consistent trigger squeeze that you will recognize as your “sweet spot” just before it releases the hammer.
  • It will take less travel and physical effort to get the hammer to fall and send a round down range.
  • Your shots that vary left and right on the target are a result of your trigger squeeze and follow thru.
  • Your shots that vary up and down on the target are due to your position and your breathing.

A trigger spring kit or an aftermarket hammer is the best way to quickly improve your accuracy before your next trip to the range. Of course you should work on all 6 shooting fundamentals and develop your shooting skills over time but who says you have to do it with a heavy factory trigger. In regards to your trigger pull, Less is always More!

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