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How to Quickly Improve Your Shooting Accuracy?

By Chris Nelson on March 15, 2015

Shooting Fundamentals

First, let’s understand the essential shooting fundamentals:

  1. Stable Position
  2. Sight Picture
  3. Sight Alignment
  4. Breathing
  5. Trigger Control
  6. Follow Through

Each of these fundamentals demands training and practice. However, there's one aspect you can instantly enhance.

Many assume a costly, high-powered scope is synonymous with accuracy. However, a telescopic sight won't transform a novice shooter. It merely aligns the target and the crosshair on the same focal plane, provided the parallax is properly adjusted. But it will amplify any mistakes the shooter makes.

Consider this: Have you ever attempted to fire your weapon, wondering if the safety was engaged, only to find out it wasn't? Chances are, you're dealing with a heavy trigger pull.

Trigger Adjustments

The quickest method to boost your accuracy is by adjusting the trigger. This often involves incorporating a trigger spring kit or an aftermarket hammer in the trigger assembly. By doing so, you can typically reduce your trigger pull by 1-2 pounds. While it might seem minor, it considerably influences your accuracy. Most firearms are factory-set with a trigger pull ranging from 5-7 pounds. However, a competitive edge is often achieved with a 3-4 pound pull. Here's why:

  • A lighter pull lets a shooter squeeze the trigger gently, reducing the chances of jerking or slapping.
  • It encourages consistent follow-through, allowing for quicker successive shots due to reduced trigger reset.
  • Professional shooters benefit from diminished creep and travel in their triggers, aiding faster, precise shooting.
  • A smoother, accurate rhythm is more achievable.
  • Shooters become more attuned to their firearms and gain better awareness of their trigger actions.
  • It encourages a steady, consistent trigger squeeze, which is recognizable as the ideal point right before hammer release.
  • It demands less physical effort to release the hammer and fire.
  • Horizontal deviations in shots are typically due to trigger actions and follow-through, while vertical deviations arise from the shooter's position and breathing.


Introducing a Trigger Spring Kit or aftermarket hammer can significantly enhance your accuracy in no time. Although it's crucial to master all six shooting fundamentals and consistently refine your skills, there's no need to start with an unwieldy factory trigger. When it comes to trigger pull, less is indeed more!

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