• Marlin 60 / Marlin 795 Hyper Velocity Recoil Spring Spring ( 18.5 lb Recoil Spring)
  • Factory Recoil Spring is a 14 lb Recoil Spring
  • Prevents damage to your buffer and receiver when shooting Hyper Velocity Ammo
  • Functions with ammo 1,ooo feet per second and faster
  • Do not shoot ammo above 1,650fps
  • Controls the reward thrust to better protect the buffer and receiver
  • Extra Power Hyper Velocity Recoil Spring is the necessary protection you need
  • More durable and versatile recoil spring
  • Less likely to "kink"
  • Made of the highest quality spring steel
  • Protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA!
  • Fast Same Day Shipping!

The Marlin 60 / Marlin 795 Hyper Velocity Recoil Spring was designed to prevent damage to your buffer and receiver when shooting Hyper Velocity ammunition rated for 1,000 feet per second and higher. Marlin recommends not shooting Hyper Velocity Ammunition in a standard Marlin 60 or Marlin 795 Semi-Automatic Rifle. Marlin advises against using Hyper Velocity Ammo because the factory recoil spring is not built to handle the extra rearward velocity of the bolt after a Hyper Velocity Round is fired. The job of the recoil spring is to control the reward thrust and protect the buffer and receiver. If your destroying a lot of buffers it's a good sign you need an extra power recoil spring to better handle the impact caused by the Hyper Velocity Ammo. The Extra Power Hyper Velocity Recoil Spring is the necessary protection you need to continuously shoot Hyper Velocity Ammunition out of your Marlin 60 and Marlin 795. This Extra Power Hyper Velocity Recoil Spring will also function with standard velocity ammo and is less likely to "kink" when you need to remove the bolt for a thorough cleaning. A more durable and versatile recoil spring that will allow you to shoot both standard velocity and hyper velocity ammunition out of your Marlin 60 and Marlin 795 rifles.

Do not shoot ammo above 1,650fps

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Overall Customer Rating of 28 Reviews:

60/795 hyper velocity recoil spring in my Marlin 717m2

I put this hyper velocity recoil spring in my Marlin 717m2 17hm2 today and it
works perfectly. Marlin used the same spring in the model 60/795 and in the Marlin 717 hm2. These guns have a bad reputation for out of battery or case ruptures on ejection kabooms. I put this spring in to help time it a little better than the Marlin engineers did. They did put a heavier bolt in the 717, but did nothing with the recoil spring. Every Ruger 10/22 17m2 conversion has a heavier bolt and heavier recoil spring. I'm hopeful that this will help. It does cycle smoothly with no stovepipes or jams. Runs perfectly smooth so far.


Excellent product - as usual!

This is the second time I have ordered one of these springs (for different rifles). And once again Mcarbo did not disappoint. Perfect fit and quick shipping.

Hyper velocity spring

Bit stiff to install,but the ol 1973 model 60, is back in the game. The e-clips also fit great. Shipping was fast. Will be ordering again.
Thanks .🇺🇸


Great replacement part for old Marlin.

This replacement recoil spring got my old Marlin semi-auto back to the reliable performance I had in the past. I actually ordered three springs total, so i would have some spares. Shipping was very fast and follow up from the company was exceptional. These folks will be my first stop when looking for parts.


Target build

During the Corona crisis,I am building a Rifle from ground up. This Spring is a nice addition. Great customer service and quick shipping. Cant say how it works because project is not completed yet. Liberal State is holding up Receiver.