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Best Plinker Competition Between the Mossberg 702 vs Marlin 795

"I just want a fun .22 Plinker that I can maybe customize a little bit, not like the Ruger." If you can relate, then you have come to the right place! Let’s compare the Mossberg 702 with the Marlin 795.

Mossberg 702 Summary:

Mossberg 702

$139.99 - $199.99

The Mossberg 702 Plinkster semi-automatic .22 LR is an accurate, functional and rugged rifle. It features an automatic “last-shot” bolt hold open feature. Comes in your choice of Blued or Chrome finishes. You have the choice of an 18” or 21” barrel and the receiver is grooved for 3/8” scope rings. It comes from the factory with a fixed front ramp sight and an adjustable rear sight. 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Reviewed By: Andrew K on 03/07/2014 Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
"When you factor in cost and quality, this is an exceptional rifle. I encourage you to check out the multitude of YouTube videos about this rifle. Nearly all of them are very positive. Many preppers that I came across listed the Plinkster 702 as a must have for your bug-out bag. The dovetail mount on the top of the rifle is the longest I've come across. I was able to mount a full-sized Simmons 4-9x32 .22 Mag scope in exactly the right position without have to take full advantage of its eye relief. While it doesn't have the full compliment of after-market modifications and accessories of the Ruger 10/22, I was able to find many items such as a full-sized rifle scope, muzzle brake, high-capacity magazine, cheek riser, and a shooter's bipod. Because it comes in so many variants, such as the 715 and 802, not having all of the aftermarket stocks is not a big deal. Having said that, make sure that you look at the variants and buy the model that suits you best. These range from a model with a thumbhole stock, one with a tip-down fore-stock, a camouflaged Duck Commander model, and a fully outfitted AR-style model.

Some people have complained about the cost and availability of magazines. A little bit of shopping around results in finding plenty of 10-round magazines for $20 and under. I found a three-pack at Cabela's for $55. It is a bit of a challenge to find the high-capacity mags. If your state allows these, I highly recommend getting a model that includes it.

The checkering on the hand-grip part of the rear stock is well-defined and deep. I was able to get a very nice cheek weld. If you prefer to stay with "iron-sights," the hooded front sight and two-position rear sight give a very nice sight picture. If you only have $150 to spend on a .22 autoloader, this is your rifle."

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Marlin 795 Summary:

Marlin 795

$149.99 – $179.99

The Marlin 795 semi-automatic .22 rifle is reliable, rugged and accurate. It has an automatic “last-shot” bolt hold open feature. Comes in your choice of blued or stainless steel finishes. Features an 18” barrel with Micro-Groove rifling, black fiberglass-reinforced stock with checkering and swivel studs. It’s fitted with an adjustable open rear sight and ramp front sight. Some promotional models come with a 4 x 32mm scope and rings from the factory.

Reviewed By: bob b on 02/22/2013 Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
"Terrific little rifle! As a Ruger 10/22 owner, I'm of the opinion that this is a BETTER rifle out of the box in terms of accuracy, trigger feel and overall quality. It is also a much better price-point. It also has a real steel mag, not some plastic rotary thing. It just looks better. Liked this one so much I bought another one, less the scope. This is a well-kept secret in the 22LR world. BUY ONE!!!"

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Mossberg 702 Stats:

Action - Magazine Fed, "Last-Shot Hold Open, Cross-bolt Safety

Barrel - Free Float 18" Barrel or Free Float 21" Barrel

Capacity - 10 Round Magazine or 25 Round Magazine

Twist Rate - 1:16" Right Hand Twist

Sights - Adjustable Open Rear Sight and Hooded Front Sight

Stock - Black Matte Synthetic, Pink Synthetic, Wood Stock, Black Synthetic with Thumb-Hole

Receiver - Grooved for 3/8" Rimfire Scope Rings

Trigger Pull - Reduce your Trigger Pull from a stock 5.75lbs to a modified 4.5lbs with the Mossberg 702 Trigger Spring Kit

Marlin 795 Stats:

Action - Bolt Release Lever, Charging Handle Bolt Lock Feature, Magazine Fed, "Last-Shot" Hold Open, Cross-bolt Safety

Barrel - Free Float 18" with Micro-Groove Rifling

Capacity - 10 Round Single Stacked Magazine, Nickel Plated

Twist Rate - 1:16" Right Hand Twist

Sights - Adjustable Open Rear Sight, Ramp Front Sight, Receiver Grooved for Scope Mount

Stock - Black Fiberglass Synthetic with Checkering and Swivel Studs Sling Mounts

Receiver - Aluminum

Trigger Pull - Reduce your Trigger Pull from a stock 6.75lbs to a modified 4.5lbs with the Marlin 795 Trigger Spring Kit

The Accuracy

The Mossberg 702 and Marlin 795 are both are very accurate semi-automatic .22LR rifles.

The Magazine

Marlin 795 has a 10rd magazine. Mossberg 702 also has a 10rd magazine but certain models come with a 25rd magazine. The Mossberg 702 has a lot of complaints about the factory magazine.

The Stock

No Cheek rest on the synthetic Mossberg 702 stock.

The Sights

The sights are nearly identical on both rifles. Functional & Dependable! Some Marlin 795 models come with a 4x32mm scope from the factory.

The Trigger

Both have triggers that are kind of heavy but there are replacements for that.

Mossberg 702 Trigger Spring Kit by MCARBO

Marlin 795 Trigger Spring Kit by MCARBO

The Barrel

Both rifles have an 18” barrel or 21” barrel to choose from. The Marlin 795 has a patented Micro-Groove Technology they use inside the rifling of all of their barrels.

The Weight

Overall Marlin 795 weight is 4.5lbs and overall Mossberg 702 weight is 4.1lbs.

The Safety

The Mossberg 702 and Marlin 795 both have a cross bolt safety in the trigger guard.

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