M*CARBO Custom Gun Shop Services

Looking for Custom Gunsmith near me in Clearwater Florida...You Found Us!  Experienced Veteran Gunsmith Services from Barrel Threading to Custom Trigger Work by M*CARBO your Custom Gun Builder.  Call Customer Service at (888)347-1276 to schedule your Custom Work Order.

Gunsmith Specials for Custom Gun Work

  • Barrel Threading Services ~ $150 - $175
  • Gun Sighting Services ~ $50 - $75
  • Custom Trigger Work ~ $75 - $150
  • Internal Parts Polishing Services ~ $65 - $95
  • M*CARBO Parts Installation Services ~ $65 - $95
  • Pistol Sight Installation Services ~ $25 - $50
  • Scope Mounting & Boresighting Services ~ $50 - $75
  • Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance Services ~ $75 - $95
  • Firearm Repair Services - starting at $75 plus parts
  • This is not a complete list of Services...Ask and you shall receive.

Call Customer Service at (888)347-1276 for an exact services quote for your Firearm Make & Model.

Custom Gun Shop Standard Rate is $65/hour.

Give us a call at (888)347-1276 to see if it's something else we can do for you.

M*CARBO is a Firearm Manufacturer with a Type 7 FFL and Type 2 SOT which means you don't need an FFL to ship a Firearm to us.

*** You can mail a Firearm directly to M*CARBO and we will mail your Fireram directly back to you!  No unnecessary FFL Transfer Fees! ***

Please do the following to help us better serve you:

  1. Include a copy of your Driver License
  2. Fill Out the Custom Shop Order Form
  3. Box it up and ship to this address below:

Attn: Adam Lewis

5601 116th Ave N


Clearwater, FL 33760

Best Custom Gun Smithing in Tampa Bay located at: 

Address:  5601 116th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760

Open:   Monday - Friday  8am- 4pm

Of Course if your in the local area you can come on by the M*CARBO Custom Shop!

5601 116th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760

Firearm Custom Shop includes Trigger Kit Installation, Internal Parts Polishing, SUB-2000 Buttstock Pad Installation, Pistol Sight Installation, Custom Laser Engraving, Scope Mounting & Boresighting, Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance, Firearm Repair.

Of Course we also Sell Guns and offer Cheap FFL Transfers. 

If your looking for a Gun Customization Shop Near Me?...We're located at 5601 116th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760