M*CARBO Custom Gun Shop Services

Looking for a Custom Gunsmith near me in Clearwater Florida...You Found Us!  Experienced Veteran Gunsmith Services from Barrel Threading to Custom Trigger Work by M*CARBO your Custom Gun Builder.  Call Customer Service at (888)347-1276 to schedule your Custom Work Order.

***Please contact us before mailing your firearm to us***  727-223-1816

NFA Transfer Fee:  $55 per item.  Read Here for information on NFA Items and the Process.

Firearm Transfer Fee: If your buying guns online and need a FFL transfer... we've got you covered. $25 for first firearm and $10 for each additional firearm on same order. Transfer Fees are only for Firearm Purchases Online. (No transfer fees on Service work as we are a Type 7 FFL manufacturer.)

      Call Technical Department at 727-223-1816 EXT 2 for service estimates for your Firearm Make & Model.

      06/06/20 - Current Lead Time 2 weeks from date received.  Ask for an updated lead time.

      Give us a call at 727-223-1816 

      M*CARBO is a Firearm Manufacturer with a Type 7 FFL and Type 2 SOT which means you don't need an FFL to ship a Firearm to us.

      *** You can mail a Firearm directly to M*CARBO through UPS or FedEX.  We will mail your Firearm directly back to you!  No unnecessary FFL Transfer Fees! ***

      Gunsmith Specials for Custom Gun Work

      Custom Gun Shop Standard Rate is $95/hour. We offer free estimates on work. We will provide the estimated cost for all work requested. If a you decide that you want to send your firearm in, the Tech Dept will email an invoice for the requested work.

      All invoices must be paid for before work starts on your firearm.

      Call the Technical Department at 727-223-1816 EXT 2 for service estimates for your Firearm Make & Model. Or send an email to help@mcarbo.com


      1. Customers call Tech Dept and requests to have work done.
      2. Tech Dept will send an invoice for specified work
      3. Customer ships their firearm
      4. Pays the invoice
      5. We receive the firearm, log it, and it will be put in the que
      6. Once we have the firearm and the customer requests other work or other work is needed, they will be billed accordingly
      7. NO work starts until the invoice is paid in full

      Custom Shop Labor Rates: (All prices are labor only, parts are additional)

      • KEL-TEC SUB-2000 M-SERIES Build = $95
        • Add-on Optic Mount install = $23.75
        • Add-on Buttstock Pad install = $23.75
        • Add-on Polishing = $23.75
        • Different Front Sight = $23.75
      • Custom Trigger Work = $95
      • Internal Parts Polishing Services = $95
      • Aftermarket Parts Installation Services = $95
      • Pistol Sight Installation Services = $95
      • Scope Mounting & Boresighting Services = $95
      • Live Fire Sight-In up to 100yds Includes Range Fee/Ammo = $125
      • Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance Services = $95
      • Firearm Repair Services - starting at $95 plus parts
      • Barrel Threading Services = $95
      • Labor for installing any of our spring kits will be - $95.00
      • Add polishing to a spring kit install - $47.50 - $95.00
        • Depending on the level and amount of polishing wanted

      FAQ / Instructions

      • Return shipping for pistol - $55.00 (shipped FedEx 2-Day Air with Adult Signature)
      • Return Shipping for rifle - $40.00 (shipped USP Ground with Adult Signature)
        • Signature required
      • Customers must include order form with detailed info of the work they want completed. Include your email and phone number on form.
      • MUST include copy of drivers license
      • DO NOT send any ammo
      • Include a magazine
      • If unsure how to ship use www.Shipmygun.com to ship firearm
      • If picking up in store, MUST be here by 3:00pm
      • Same day service is available
        • Must be scheduled by Adam
        • Must drop firearm off by 8:00AM
        • Labor starts at $125.00 per hour

      Shipping Address:

        Attn: Adam Lewis

        5601 116th Ave N

        STE A

        Clearwater, FL 33760

        Of Course if you're in the local area you can come on by the M*CARBO Custom Shop!

        Best Custom Gun Smithing in Tampa Bay located at:

        M*CARBO Custom Shop 

        5601 116th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760

        Open: Monday - Friday (8am- 4pm)

        Firearm Custom Shop includes Trigger Kit Installation, Internal Parts Polishing, SUB-2000 Buttstock Pad Installation, Pistol Sight Installation, Custom Laser Engraving, Scope Mounting & Boresighting, Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance, Firearm Repair.

        Of Course we also Sell Guns and offer Cheap FFL Transfers. 

        If you're looking for a Gun Customization Shop Near Me?...We're located at 5601 116th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760