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Muzzle Lapping Kit - Silicon Carbide Lapping Compound
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    Barrel Muzzle Lapping Kit Includes: 1/2oz Can of 180 Grit - Barrel Lapping Compound 45 Degree - Brass Barrel Hand Lapping Tool Silicon Carbide Barrel Lapping Compound for hand lapping rifle barrel crown. Use the 45 degree brass muzzle lapping tool with the silicon carbide lapping compound to remove the micro burrs on the end of the lands and grooves at the crown of the barrel.  Brass Tool will fit a wide range of calibers from .17 to .50 cal. This bit can be turned by hand or with a hand...

    Armorer Brush & Pick Kit - Gun Cleaning Brush and Gun Cleaning Pick Set
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      Armorer Brush & Pick Kit  Includes 3 types of Gun Cleaning Brushes and 4 types of Gun Cleaning Picks!  Brass, Nylon and Steel Bristle Brushes will you to go as soft or hard as you like!  Nice variety of nylon picks to clean tight spaces without damaging you surface finishes.  Add these to your Gun Cleaning Tools and make your own Gun Cleaning Kit with a wide variety of Gun Cleaning Supplies we offer.