• Silicon Carbide Barrel Lapping Compound
  • 180 Grit - Barrel Muzzle Lapping Compound
  • 45 degree - Brass Barrel Hand Lapping Tool
  • Fits a wide range of calibers from .17 to .50 cal.
  • Fix your Barrel Crown or Perform Good Preventive Maintenance!

Barrel Muzzle Lapping Kit Includes:

  • 1/2 oz Can of 180 Grit - Barrel Lapping Compound
  • 45 Degree - Brass Barrel Hand Lapping Tool

Silicon Carbide Barrel Lapping Compound for hand lapping rifle barrel crown. Use the 45 degree brass muzzle lapping tool with the silicon carbide lapping compound to remove the micro burrs on the end of the lands and grooves at the crown of the barrel. Brass Tool with fit a wide range of calibers from .17 to .50 cal. This bit can be turned by hand or with a hand drill. Coat the bit and the barrel crown with lapping compound and run at medium/high speed and apply light even pressure to barrel crown with tool.

This is a fast and easy way to keep the muzzle burr free after hundereds of rounds putting wear on the crown of the barrel.

"Checked the crown and found two small chips and decided to try this kit. IT WORKS GREAT. It lapped out the chipped area and accuracy now is fantastic." - Customer Email

Rifling consists of grooves cut or formed in a spiral nature, lengthwise down the barrel of a firearm. The lands are the raised areas between two grooves. When barrels are manufactured, they start out as a solid rod of steel. A hole is drilled down the center of the rod and the rifling is then placed in the barrel. Tiny micro burrs will form on the barrel muzzle after repeated use or dropping the muzzle on the ground. This is a great way to fix or maintain the accuracy and integrity of the barrel crown. Rifle Bore Lapping is a much more involved processs and is not the objective with this kit.

Barrel Muzzle Lapping Kit includes Barrel Lapping Compound and 45 Degree Brass Barrel Lapping Tool!

Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:


Haven't used the product yet, but everything seems to be of good quality and the price was pretty good too.

SW Ohio

Great idea

This lapping tool restored my enthusiasm for one of my Mosin Nagant rifles. Badly pitted muzzle crown had shots going everywhere except where they were aimed. After a few treatments with this tool, I’m seeing much improved shot groups.