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AR-15 Cheek Pad - Magpul MOE & Magpul CTR Stocks
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AR-15 Cheek Pad - Magpul MOE & CTR Stocks Laser Cut AR 15 Cheek Pad from Neoprene Premium 3M Adhesive! Custom Laser Cut AR-15 Cheek Pad with 3M Adhesive!  Designed to aid Cheek to Stock Weld Improvement and Reduce Recoil to Shooters Face. AR 15 Cheek Pad is Laser Cut Neoprene with 3M Adhesive into a Cheek Pad that will protect Shooters Face from Recoil.  Designed for Custom Fit on AR-15 Style Stocks by Magpul!  Specifically the Magpul MOE Stocks & Magpul...

AR-15 Trigger Spring Kit
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Price: $12.95
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AR-15 Trigger Spring Kit Consists of a custom designed and manufactured Hammer Spring The AR-15 Trigger Spring Kit will reduce your trigger pull from a factory weight of 6lbs to a modified weight of 4.5lbs. Your Trigger will properly function with all brands of Civilian ammo as well as Military green tip 5.56 ammo. This Kit is made of the highest quality spring steel available, right here in the USA.  The AR-15 Trigger Spring Kit will improve your accuracy and tighten your shot groups....

AR-15 Extra Power Mag Spring
Price: $5.95-$74.95
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AR-15 Extra Power 30 Round Magazine Spring Replacement: Heavy Gauge Premium Spring Steel Extra Power AR-15 Magazine Spring ReplacementWorks for GI Mags, Magpul PMAG's, ProMags and similar variations of these (Except Hexmags) 15% Stronger AR-15 Magazine Spring over Factory Mag Spring When leaving your 30 round magazine loaded for any extended period of time your magazine spring will eventually take a set, thereby reducing the amount of load it can handle. This results in a weaker magazine...

1,000 Grit Ultra Fine Silicon Carbide Sandpaper - 10 Pack
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Silicon carbide is an abrasive sharp synthetic mineral that cuts fast and smooth.  Use with water or cutting oil to reduce clogging and extend abrasive life.  Due to its razor-sharp grains, silicon carbide will have no problem easily cutting glass, plastic, and metal under light pressure.

22LR / .223 / 5.56 Bore-Snake Gun Barrel Cleaner
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22LR / .223 / 5.56 Bore-Snake Gun Barrel Cleaner Universal Bore Snake that will cover your needs for a 22lr Bore Snake, 223 Bore Snake and 5.56 Bore Snake.Works Great with MIL-SPEC CLP! Get the inside of your barrel clean with the Bore Snake Cleaner. It’s a flexible bore cleaning device that is designed to clean the bore of pistol and rifle barrels. Solvent safe and will not deteriorate when you apply bore cleaner to it. One piece design removes fouling with the integrated...

Magpul AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip - 1913 Picatinny
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The AFG-2 is a slim line design that is shorter in overall length and width compared to the original AFG. Smaller size allows for mounting on a wider variety of railed hand guards and better compatibility with rail covers and accessory mounts. Compatible with most any M1913 Picatinny-railed hand guard, the Magpul AFG-2 (Angled Fore Grip) takes into account natural body mechanics and provides a comfortable and stable user interface that reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon...

Firearm & Feed Ramp Polishing Kit
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Firearm & Feed Ramp Polishing Kit includes: 1/2oz can of Non-Abrasive Firearm Polish3 Bullet Felt Tipped Dremel Polishing Bits1 Pair of Black Nitrile Industrial Strength Gloves1 Microfiber Towel Polishing your Feed Ramp greatly Improves feeding operations by eliminating microscopic machining lines that slow down the travel of the bullet into the chamber, thus increasing the chances of an Failure to Feed (FTF) Malfunction. Watch the video below for a "How to Polish Feed Ramp" instructions....

Gunsmith Bench Block
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Gunsmith Bench Block Gunsmith Bench Block 1" Thick 3D Printed ABS Plastic - Moderately Rugged 4 holes - 3/16" - 1/4" - 5/8" - 3/4" One 1/4" slot for pushing out pins under tension Simple and Effective Design to Replace the Block of Wood with a Hole in it.

Synthetic Grease w/ PTFE
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Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease Super Lube® Grease is a patented synthetic NLGI grade 2 heavy-duty, multipurpose lubricant with PTFE. Synthetic base fluids and the addition of PTFE micro powders combine to form a premium lubricant that provides longer life protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Machinery lasts longer, downtime is reduced, and productivity is increased. Super Lube® is compatible with most other lubricants and will not run, drip, evaporate or form gummy deposits,...

Loctite Threadlocker - Blue 242 - Removable
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Loctite Threadlocker - Blue 242 Great for preventing screws from backing out during shock and vibration. Ideal for firearm applications. Removable Blue Threadlocker is most ideal for keeping screws in place that may need to be removed again in the future. Recommended for most Firearm Applications Loctite Threadlocker Properties Chart Temperature rating up to 300 degreesTorque rating up to 110 in-lbs MFG# 24200 .20 FL. OZ. (6ml) TubeDesigned for locking and sealing of threaded fasteners which...

1/2 x 28 Crush Washer - .22LR / .223 / 5.56 / 9mm
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1/2 x 28 Crush Washer - .22LR / .223 / 5.56 / 9mm Includes one 1/2 x 28 Crush Washer for installing Muzzle Brake, Compensator or Flash Hider Crush Washers are made from special engineered, heat treated steel that has been fine tuned and balanced between high spring rate and ductility to meet the function requirement of "crushed with high spring tension without cracking".This crush washer is designed for AR-15 flash hider, muzzle brake or compensator installation on barrels with a 1/2x28...