We've heard your calls and read your emails, and we're here to finally answer the burning question that many of you have been asking: "Will our Hellcat Parts work in the Hellcat Pro? Will it work in a regular Hellcat? With the thumb safety? Without the thumb safety?"

Yes, they absolutely do! But to ensure clarity and provide a detailed guide, we've prepared a Brand-New Video all about how to install the M*CARBO Springfield Hellcat Pro Performance Bundle as well as its compatibility with various Hellcat models.

What's Inside the Pro Performance Bundle?

Our Pro Bundle includes our Springfield Hellcat Flat Trigger, manufactured from durable 6061 aluminum, providing a sturdier, more comfortable feeling than the plastic stock variant. A common complaint about the plastic trigger was the occasional pinch. To combat this, we've designed a crossbar that comes all the way down, eliminating any pinching that may occur.

The bundle also comes with a custom pretravel adjustment fixture, allowing you to adjust the pre-travel according to your preference.

One of the stellar features in the Pro Bundle is our Springfield Hellcat Titanium Striker Assembly. Titanium ensures strength, reliability, and lightness. Our ingenious engineers have also revamped the connecting lug face for a smooth, crisp, and beautiful pull.

Furthermore, our Springfield Hellcat Trigger Spring Kit is included to reduce your overall trigger pull weight.

Let's Get Down to Installation!

You might be wondering, "How do I install these fantastic features?" We've got you covered. The video will guide you step by step through the installation process.

To start with the installation, you'll need the following:

Before you get started, make sure your firearm is cleared. Once you've done this, you're all set to begin the installation!

Don't Miss Out!

We're extremely excited about this new video and hope it will help all our Hellcat users. Not only does it provide a thorough demonstration of the installation process, but it also brings you a closer look at the Pro Performance Bundle and all its exceptional components.

Check out the video and tell us what you think! And, as always, we appreciate your continued support and feedback. Happy shooting, everyone!

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