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M*CARBO Lifetime Replacement Guarantee:

We pride ourselves in making quality parts for people like us that can appreciate great performance out of a well-made firearm!

100 Percent Lifetime Guarantee Ribbon

100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee - Applies to M*CARBO Parts Manufactured to Fit, Function and Perform for a Lifetime.  Only M*CARBO Parts that are advertised with the 100% Lifetime Guarantee on the Product Page of our website.  M*CARBO Lifetime Replacement Guarantee provides a replacement part only.  No Refund.


M*CARBO designs and manufactures Performance Parts to fit, function and perform properly for a Lifetime.

If a performance issue presents itself with one or our parts. Please do the following:

  1. Contact us immediately by email or phone (727)223-1816
  2. Provide Proof of Purchase / Order History
  3. Send us Multiple Pictures and Video of the Performance Issue experience with the M*CARBO Part Installed in your Firearm.
  4. Wait 24-48 hours for Further Instructions from the M*CARBO Tech Department

    Please allow 24 - 48 hours for an email response - If urgent give us a phone call after sending the necessary pictures and proof of purchase via email to

    Do Not Modify or Alter any M*CARBO Parts as this will Void the Lifetime Guarantee.


    If M*CARBO Tech Department cannot correct performance issue with your assistance over the phone or via email than it may be necessary to send the part into us so that we may further inspect the part and test it here on site.

    If we inspect this part and determine that your part was naturally defective - then we will send you a replacement part. No Refunds are available under the Lifetime Guarantee. Only replacements.  If no replacements are available due to part being discontinued, then we will offer store credit for the original purchase price paid by customer for this part.

    If we inspect this part and see any evidence of intentional customer modification, fabrication, customization, or alteration - we will be forced to Void the warranty and attach that information inside the customer account history.  Customer can have us return the rejected part to them after paying for the cost for return shipping.

    As a Small Business we must draw the line somewhere and try to make this policy as fair for you and the Small Business you Support.