Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit

  • 12 lb Hammer Spring (Lightest Possible Trigger Pull)
  • 13 lb Hammer Spring
  • 14 lb Hammer Spring
  • Lighter Firing Pin Return Spring
  • Improved Extractor Spring
  • Lighter Trigger Return Spring
  • Lighter Sear Spring
  • 15 lb Extra Power Recoil Spring (Stock Recoil Spring is 13.5 lb)

The major complaint with the Beretta 92FS Trigger is that is has a very heavy 10 - 11lb double action factory trigger pull. Introducing the Beretta 92FS Trigger Kit by M*CARBO to correct the Factory Beretta 92FS Problems with the heavy Beretta 92FS Trigger Pull.

A Functional Beretta 92FS Trigger Upgrade as well as a Beretta M9 Trigger Upgrade that will also fit and function in all Beretta 92 Triggers and Beretta 96 Triggers.

Custom Beretta 92FS Accessories by Combat Veterans for Superior Performance and Accuracy!  Custom Beretta 92FS Trigger Upgrade with Superior Beretta 92FS Custom Parts to Improve Reliability and Function.  Competition Level Beretta 92FS Performance Parts to Reduce Beretta 92FS Trigger Pull and Increase Accuracy!

Watch the Beretta 92FS Disassembly and Reassembly Instructions by M*CARBO to install the Beretta 92FS Trigger Kit and Beretta 92FS Stainless Steel Parts.   

Functions in all Beretta 92, 96 and M9 Models; to include but not limited to the Beretta M9A3 as well as the Taurus PT99 and Taurus PT92 models.

M*CARBO Specializes in Beretta 92FS Aftermarket Parts and Beretta M9 Accessories to Boost Performance and Accuracy! American Made Beretta 92FS Upgrades to replace worn out Factory Beretta 92FS Parts. Custom Beretta 92FS Mods and Beretta M9 Upgrades to give you the Competitive Edge your looking for! 

Reduce your Beretta M9 Trigger Pull and Improve Reliability with Superior Beretta M9 Parts Made In America!

Excellent way to quickly improve your Beretta M9 Trigger Pull with the All In One Pro Kit that will give you the most Trigger Pull Reduction Possible! This is one of the must have Beretta 92 Upgrades on your Beretta 92 Parts List! One of the Easiest and Best Beretta 92 Trigger Upgrades you can do yourself! Custom Beretta 92 Trigger Job with easy to follow instructions in the Beretta 92 Disassembly Video by M*CARBO!

**Functions in all Centerfire Models and Calibers for Beretta 92FS, Beretta 92, Beretta 96 and Beretta M9 Pistols**


Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit will enhance all aspects of the performance of your Beretta 92 pistol with the most durable, longest lasting gun springs on the market.

Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit is tuned for standard velocity loads and the reduced power hammer springs are suitable for competition use only. Supplied hammer springs will ignite most domestically produced primers with 100% reliability. (Factory standard is 18lbs) 

Beretta 92 / 96 Owners Manual:

If you're getting the Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit, then you might find the following Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Resources useful in further enhancing your firearm for other Beretta 92 / 96 Accessories. Download the Beretta 92 / 96 Owners Manual.

M*CARBO No Hassle 100% Lifetime Guarantee:

The Beretta 92S/M9/92/96 Pro Trigger Kit is protected by the M*CARBO No Hassle 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

M*CARBO Lifetime Guarantee

Drop Tested and Approved:

Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit includes M*CARBO ASTM Spec Springs that will offer a perfect trigger pull reduction with an unlimited drop test rating (3", 6", 9" & 12"+).

Range Tested and Approved:

The Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit has been tested repeatedly with numerous brands of ammunition to ensure reliable operation and safety.

Veteran Owned and Operated Business:

American made Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit designed and manufactured by Combat Veterans. We will donate a portion of your purchase to the Military Foundations we humbly support.


You must be 18 yrs of age to purchase. We advise that all parts purchased from our inventory be installed and inspected by a qualified gunsmith. Modifying your weapon may be prohibited in your state. Do not modify your sear or hammer engagement surfaces, with or without the Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit. Before installing please be sure to check all local state and federal laws. By installing this part you agree to take full responsibility for any and all legal, health and warranty consequences that may be incurred.

Overall Customer Rating of 146 Reviews:

My review

Thanks for the great step by step video Chris for the installation of the spring reduction kit for the Baretta 92FS.It took some digital dexterity for the sear spring and the detent check springs and pins for the decocker assembly to install them. Make sure you cover with a rag in a cupped hand the decocker when disassembling and installing the 2 detent check pins and springs. They will launch 10 feet across the room, I spent an hour searching for them, thank God I found them. All in all I had good success. I cant wait to put an Mcarbo Kit into my CZ75 SP-01 after I buy the pistol. Watch the videos 3 times to get a good visual understanding in the r and r of the spring replacements. The Baretta is a cool designed pistol,I cant wait to take it to the range and shoot it.

Spring kit

Awesome results. Easy to install.


92a1 trigger spring kit


Dropped 4 Lbs

DA went from 11.2 to 6.14 lbs. SA is now 2.8 lbs. Installation was super easy with the video but make sure you're in a room with a clean light colored floor. Your detents are going to fly at least a couple times during re-assembly. Such a bargain as compared to other kits being sold in a bag for $130.


Great product.

Nice trigger pull reduction. Installation eased up by a very well edited and clear video.
Highly recommended.

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Will this fit a Taurus PT100?
1hdcharlie April 20, 2021 6:47 PM
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Hello, We have not had the opportunity to test our kit out in the Taurus PT100 so we can not confirm that this kit will fit and function in your firearm. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you! April 21, 2021 9:24 AM