If there's a name within the special forces community that resonates with expertise, precision, and respect, it has to be Kyle Lamb. This former CAG/Delta Operator has carved out a legacy for himself, not just through his decorated military career but also through his insights in tactical training and operations. His every move is closely watched and respected by those in and outside of the tactical world. Therefore, when Kyle Lamb speaks on a product or a brand, the industry listens - and with good reason.

Everyday carry (EDC) pistols like the Sig P365 have become integral tools for personal protection and duty use. Their compact nature and reliability in various scenarios make them a preferred choice for many. With M*CARBO’s upgrades, users can tailor their EDC experience, ensuring not only enhanced performance but also a personalized feel in hand and during operation.

Kyle Lamb, with his extensive operational and training experience, recognizes the profound impact that such upgrades can have on a weapon’s overall performance and the confidence of the person behind the trigger. With his reputation for exacting standards and a career built on reliance upon his equipment in the most high-stakes environments, Lamb’s consideration of these upgrades speaks volumes about their practicality and efficacy.

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