KEL-TEC SUB 2000 Grip Pin Upgrade Kit

  • Precision Machined Carbon Steel Grip Pin Replacement!
  • Includes 3 Long Grip Pins & 2 Short Grip Pins

Carbon Steel Grip Pin replacements for the stock bare aluminum grip pins that have a tendency to strip out. These Grip Pins were designed to match our KEL TEC SUB 2000 Screw Upgrade Kit! It's Carbon Steel on Carbon Steel, a perfect match!

Reinforce the Polymer Grips on your SUB-2000 with Carbon Steel Screws and Carbon Steel Grip Pins.

Have you had a screw spin and not want to back out of the stock aluminum grip pins? Then it's time to upgrade to the Carbon Steel Grip Pins and add more strength to your SUB-2000. Kit Includes 3 Long Pins and 2 Short Pins for complete replacement.

The M*CARBO Carbon Steel Grip Pins are also Black Oxide coated to provide anti-rust protection and a better color match for your SUB-2000. Fits and Functions in both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Subs!

**The Carbon Steel Grip Pins will fit the Gen 1 and Gen 2 but only with the Gen 2 screws. We highly recommend getting the Carbon Steel Gen 2 Screws to go with the Grip Pins.**

If you look at the hinge pin on your rear iron sight, you can see the bare reflective aluminum of the stock grip pin. If you had these grip pins you wouldn't see a thing. These grip pins are tough as nails and a direct color match for your SUB-2000.

KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Owners Manual & Exploded View:

If you're getting the KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Grip Pin Upgrade Kit, then you might find the following KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Resources useful in further enhancing your firearm. Download the SUB-2000 Owners Manual or use the Exploded View of the SUB-2000 Parts Diagram to plan your next firearm project.

M*CARBO No Hassle 100% Lifetime Guarantee:

The KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Grip Pin Upgrade Kit is protected by the M*CARBO No Hassle 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

M*CARBO Lifetime Guarantee

Tested and Approved:

The KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Grip Pin Upgrade Kit has been tested repeatedly with numerous brands of ammunition to ensure reliable operation and safety.

Veteran Owned and Operated Business:

American made KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Grip Pin Upgrade Kit designed and manufactured by Combat Veterans. We will donate a portion of your purchase to the Military Foundations we humbly support.


You must be 18 yrs of age to purchase. We advise that all parts purchased from our inventory be installed and inspected by a qualified gunsmith. Modifying your weapon may be prohibited in your state. Do not modify your sear or hammer engagement surfaces, with or without the KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Grip Pin Upgrade Kit. Before installing please be sure to check all local state and federal laws. By installing this part you agree to take full responsibility for any and all legal, health and warranty consequences that may be incurred.

Overall Customer Rating of 23 Reviews:
North Carolina


I bought these expecting that my factory screws would have fit. Well they didnt, if you purchase these make sure you buy the screws also.

Buy the pin and screws together.

Pins make a huge difference! The trigger spring doesn’t slip behind the pin any longer during reassembly. Buy the kit with the screws as well.

Clay Center

grip pens

those metel grip pins are a must, unscrewing frame pins are aluminum and they sometimes strip out'


Another MCarbo home run

MCarbo fixed Kel Tec's problem again. Why would Kel Tec put steel screws in aluminum pins to hold the weapon together? My nine year old grandson could strip those factory pins out and not even grunt. My weapon had never been apart, yet when I took it down, the hinge pin was stripped on the left side. It's not like that was an important piece, lol. Anyway, if you open your gun, buy these in advance and put them in with some quality steel button head screws. MCarbo sells another kit with everything you need.

Tucson, AZ

A perfect match. Steel and steel

It makes no sense to have steel screws going into aluminum tube nuts. Steel and aluminum do not mix well. The steel pins are a big plus in the valve and strength of the gun. I strongly recommend installing these pin nuts if doing any type of internal work on the weapon.

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