New Ruger LCP 2 and LCP MAX Accessories!

Here at M*CARBO we're releasing not one but TWO NEW UPGRADES for our LCP 2 and LCP MAX! Revamp the entire heavy OEM trigger pull with our new customizable LCP MAX Trigger Spring Kit and the Ruger LCP 2 LCP MAX Adjustable Flat Trigger. Get the best out of your LCP 2/LCP MAX and accessorize it today!

MCARBO'S Upgrades for LCP Max trigger

Ruger LCP 2/LCP MAX Short Stroke Flat Trigger

Looking to shorten the long Pre-Travel and Post-Travel reset on your LCP 2 or LCP MAX? Look no further than the M*CARBO Short Stroke Flat Trigger for the LCP 2/LCP MAX. The new Short Stroke Flat Trigger not only shortens trigger reset but also is designed to allow the shooter to place their finger lower on the trigger which improves the leverage and makes the trigger pull feel a 1/2lb lighter! This upgrade will not effect any of the OEM safety features. Our M*CARBO Short Strike Flat Trigger is made from precision CNC machined 6061 T6 Aluminum. This is significantly more durable than the OEM polymer trigger with no added weight to the LCP.

trigger Upgrade
side by side comparison with and without the trigger

LCP MAX Spring Kit

The stock trigger pull on the LCP MAX is a whopping 7lbs! The new M*CARBO LCP MAX spring Kit brings that pull down to anywhere between 5.75 to 4.5lbs (average results can vary up to +/- 1lb). The kit comes with a 10lb and a 12lb Hammer Spring to tailor the trigger pull to your liking. The Hammer Springs also have dampening insertions that are designed to reduce spring vibration and increase durability over the factory spring. This will give you a trigger action that's as smooth as butter and give you the best performance you can get out of your LCP! The Spring Kit is drop-in and includes installation fixture for an easy replacement of the firing pin spring. The LCP MAX Spring Kit will give you a smooth, crisp, and light pull that helps promote consistent, match-grade accuracy.

Two spring options for the Trigger spring kit
Easy Removal of roll pi

Do you want Us to Install the Parts for You? We can also do the polishing if you like.

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