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One of the Benefits of Being a Member of the M*CARBO Brotherhood!

      M*CARBO is the only Gun Grips Manufacturer that will give you 50% OFF the replacement of Wear Items like Grips and Cheek Pads that you wore out during use!  Consider it your reward for putting our Equipment through the paces and giving us a little R&D Feedback!  

KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Adhesive Grips

We want you to use our Grips and Cheek Pads for all your Firearms and Keep Coming Back for Anything Else you Might Need!  Thank you for your Trust, Confidence and Support!

PMR-30 with Rubber Adhesive Grips

No Hassle 50% OFF Wear & Tear Lifetime Replacement Guarantee:

All M*CARBO Rubber Adhesive Grips are protected by the M*CARBO No Hassle 50% OFF Wear & Tear Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. 

No Hassle 50% OFF Wear & Tear Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Icon

50% OFF Wear & Tear Lifetime Replacement Policy

Only applies to Grips and Cheek Pad Materials we manufacture.
Custom Grips and Cheek Pads we manufacture come with a Wear & Tear Replacement Discount for repurchase of the exact same product. This means that at any time you can send it back and we will help you exchange it for a 50% OFF discount on repurchase of the exact same product. 

50% OFF discount only available on repurchase of the exact same product at the currently advertised price on website. We don't ever want to leave you hanging and realize these Wear Items will need to eventually be replaced. M*CARBO is the only Firearms Company that Warranties their Wear Items and is willing to go halfway with you on the replacement cost! All you have to do is send them back and we will ship you another set! Contact us by email or phone (727)223-1816 to arrange this exchange and repurchase order.

Even if you mess them up during installation we will send you a 50% OFF Replacement!