Remington 870 Trigger Group Exploded View

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Remington 870 Trigger Group Exploded Diagram

NOTE: 12 Ga. Express Listed Below

View # / Part Name

1 Action Bar Lock
2 Action Bar Lock Spring
7 Carrier-Carrier Assembly
8 Carrier Dog
9 Carrier Dog Follower
10 Carrier Dog Follower Spring
11 Carrier Dog Pin
12 Carrier Dog Washer
13 Carrier Pivot Tube
14 Connector, Left
15 Connector, Right
16 Connector Pin
33 Hammer
34 Hammer Pin-Hammer Pin Washer
35 Hammer Plunger
36 Hammer Spring
48 Safety Mechanism
49 Safety Mechanism Detent Ball
50 Safety Mechanism Spring
51 Safety Mechanism Spring Retaining Pin
52 Sear
53 Sear Pin
54 Sear Spring
63 Trigger Assembly (Restricted)
64 Trigger Pin
65 Trigger Plate, R.H. Safety Mechanism (Restricted)
Trigger Plate, L.H. Safety Mechanism (Restricted)
Trigger Plate Assembly, R.H. Safety Mechanism
Trigger Plate Assembly, L.H. Safety Mechanism
68 Trigger Plate Pin Bushing
69 Trigger Plate Pin Detent Spring, Front

Reduce your trigger pull from a stock 4.5 lbs to a modified 3.75 lbs with the Remington 870 Trigger Spring Kit. Download the Remington 870 Trigger Assembly Diagram here. This is the official Remington 870 Trigger Assembly Schematic. If you can't find the part your looking for in the Remington 870 Trigger Group Exploded View, then shoot an email over to us. We would be happy to help.