How to reduce your trigger pull and get a match grade trigger for under $30 with a trigger spring kit.

What's a Trigger Spring Kit?

It's performance that you can see and feel....when you pull the trigger it will be smooth and crisp, not rough and jerky. 

When you look at your target, your groupings will be centered and tightly grouped and not spread all over the place.

  • You will see that your shot groupings on your target will become tighter because of the reduced trigger pull that allows the shooter to make an error free and consistent squeeze of the trigger each consecutive time the gun is fired. M*CARBO Trigger Spring Kits will allow the shooter to smoothly squeeze the light crisp trigger until the hammer falls and allows the round in the chamber to fire.
  • You will waste less ammo by improving your accuracy and hitting your target each and every time.
  • You will kill more birds, squirrels, targets and cans.
  • You will win more competitions and teach your buddies a thing or two about firearm performance.
  • You will be able to fire your gun at higher rates of fire with your lighter trigger pull weight.
  • You will reduce your firearm malfunctions by installing the best spring steel with the highest tensile strength made to withstand higher stresses under repeated loading.

American made gun parts designed and manufactured by Combat Veterans. If you're ready for better firearm performance, click here. M*CARBO Guarantees all of our custom parts for a LIFETIME. You deserve a match grade trigger! Happy Shooting!

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