New 5.7x28mm Ruger LC Carbine

by Quinn Bonner

Looking for a new compact carbine for the range, personal defense, or small game hunting? Well look no further, Ruger has delivered once again with its new LC Carbine!

Ruger LC Carbine Autoloading Rifle

What's new about the Ruger LC Carbine?

Ruger has updated their new line of carbines with the introduction of the new LC. Weighing in at only 6lbs with folding stock options, this is the perfect carbine for backpacking, small game hunting or taking to the range. Ruger’s main focus on the new LC Carbine is in its lightweight, and versatile capabilities. With a barrel length of 16.25 and a total length of 30.60, it is Ruger's most compact carbine yet! 

Along with being compact, it is fully customizable with its Picatinny rail system and fully ambidextrous capabilities (manual safety, reversible charging handle, ergonomic bolt release and extended magazine release latch). The LC also has a threaded barrel which comes with thread protection and options to add caliber appropriate flash hiders, muzzle breaks, and suppressors. One exciting new update to the new LC is its adoption of the 5.7x28mm rounds. Included with the LC comes one Ruger-5.7™ steel pistol magazine, ambidextrous magazine button, M-LOK® QD sling socket and hex wrenches for disassembly.

Ruger LC Carbine or Ruger PC Carbine?

Ruger LC Carbine or Ruger PC Carbine

Ruger’s success with its PC carbine seems to be the inspiration for its new line of LC Carbines. Just looking at the two you can see great similarity, but when it comes down to the specs, they couldn't be any more different.

While the Ruger PC offers more versatility in model options, the LC offers more versatility in its customization options in its ambidexterity and longer Picatinny rails. The LC is also more compact and lightweight with a shorter overall length, folding stock, and weighing about a pound less than the PC. The LC also fires a more lightweight 5.7x28mm round compared to the PC’s 9mm Ruger ammunition. The 5.7x28mm by has more penetration but less overall stopping power.

So if you're looking for a more compact, lightweight, and versatile option, the LC is the definite choice. The PC is still a great firearm, accurate, reliable, and powerful. Both top models come in at a price point of $979 MSRP but the PC has cheaper options in its variety of models, and it's less expensive choice in ammunition.

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