Picatinny Rail Riser 3/4" or 1"

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  • Must have for KSG Shotgun!
  • 3- Slot Picatinny Riser Mount
  • 3/4" or 1" Picatinny Rail Riser Options
  • CNC machined from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Picatinny Rail Riser 3/4" or 1"

  • Shooters Choice on the 3/4" or 1" Height Adjustment for KSG
  • We recommend either one for proper red dot sight alignment on the KSG Shotgun

Must have for the KEL-TEC KSG Shotgun when using a Red Dot Optic. Allows shooter proper height adjustment to see Red Dot Sight on factory rail with natural cheek to stock weld.

Utilizes a single thumb twist lock and interfacting cross bolt for a secure hold to maintine optic zero.

Highly recommend using a picatinny rail riser on your KSG Shotgun! Picatinny Riser 1 inch for the most offset when using a Red Dot on your KSG. Picatinny Rail Riser 3/4 is ideal for anyone with a tighter cheek to stock weld. Either way a Picatinny Riser is a very handy upgrade to use with your Red Dot Optic. A lot of people prefer the 1 inch Picatinny Riser to allow the most natural cheek to stock weld on their KSG Shotgun.


  • Length: 1.6 inches
  • Saddle Height: .83 inches or 1 inch
  • Picatinny Slot: 3 slots
  • Weight: 1.6 oz or 1.7 oz
  • Torque Value: 35 in-lb
  • Locking System: 1 x Thumb Twist Lock
  • UTG Picatinny Riser