• KEL-TEC KS7 Grip Plug for Extra Shell!
  • Holds a spare shell securely in your KS7 pistol grip!
  • Fast & Easy to Remove!
  • Spare Round Grip Plug Holder for your KS7!
  • Custom KS7 Parts and KS7 Mods with Utility Options!

KEL-TEC KS7 Grip Plug / + 1 Spare Cartridge!

  • ABS Plastic 3D Printed Part

Securely holds a spare 12 Gauge Round in your KS7 Pistol Grip! Fits 2 3/4" & 3" Shells!

Designed specifically for the KS7 Pistol Grip and is easy to remove!

KEL-TEC KS7 Grip Plug offers a lot of Utility compared to other KS7 Upgrades and is a really handy KEL TEC KS7 Mods option for storage in an otherwise empty space in the grip. Custom KS7 Accessories that offer Utility!

We have developed this plug to match the KS7 grip perfectly, plug the cavity of the grip to prevent debris from lodging in the cavity. This is the KS7 Grip Plug you have wanted and been waiting for - this is the proper grip plug your KS7 Deserves.

You never know when you might need a spare shell!

Custom KEL TEC KS7 Accessories that give you options of what to store in the Grip. Grip Plug KS7 Aftermarket Parts that are also KEL TEC KS7 California Legal.

KEL-TEC KS7 Owners Manual & Exploded View:

If your getting the KEL-TEC KS7 Grip Plug then you might find the following KEL-TEC KS7 Resources useful in further enhancing your firearm. Download the KS7 Owners Manual or use the Exploded View of the KS7 Parts Diagram to plan your next firearm project.

Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
New Jersey

grip plug

fits well and adds to the finish look

Mentor, OH

Nice Grip Plug!

This is a nice inexpensive plug to fill the hole in the bottom of the KS7 handle and give a more complete look. It is made from black plastic that matches the general finish of the KS7 fairly well. The plug also has a fitting to store a spare 12 gauge shell inside the handle. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars was the fact that the plug I received had very rough/sharp edges that I had to file smooth for a better feel and finish.