The New Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO

by Quinn Bonner

Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO Pistol

What’s new and why this needs to be your next every day carry!

What’s New?

Sig Sauer took the most loved features from all of the models of the beloved P365 Series, combined them into one compact handgun, and somehow made it even BETTER! The P365 XMACRO has the compact barrel length of the P365X with the improved sight radius and recoil dampening of the P365XL and added a few more improvements of its own. The P365 XMACRO redefines what it means to be a fully loaded compact carry, having a magazine capacity of 18 rounds (9mm) and a total height of only 5.2 in. It’s also just over an inch wide so it’s easy to conceal and fits right into the palm of your hand. If you think just its size and round capacity are impressive wait until you see the new built in slide-mounted compensator. The new compensator reduces recoil making it more shootable, meaning you can put more rounds down range even quicker. It also has the beloved X-Series trigger that makes for a real easy trigger pull. The XMACRO comes with the same easy optic compatibility as the P365XL but adds an additional M1913 rail underneath, allowing for easy adding of lights and lasers. Finally, SIG redesigned its grips to be removable, and they even throw in 3 different sizes with each purchase.

Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO Updates Graphic

Why it’s the Best Every Day Carry!

When you’re looking at what makes a good every day carry (EDC), you are looking at the “Three C’s”, concealability, (firing) capability, and comfortability. The P365 XMACRO has it all! With an overall length of just 6.6in, it can fit easily into any hip or conceal carry holster. It is also incredibly lightweight (21.5oz) making it quick and easy to draw. Now when it comes to firing capability no other daily carry can match it. With its 17 round magazine (18 total), which is almost unheard of at its compact size, you’ll be spending a lot more time shooting and less time reloading. Along with its increased magazine capacity, Sig designed the XMACRO with a built-in slide mounted compensator. This compensator reduces recoil by 25%, meaning you’ll get faster secondary shots on target with less recoil. Also it has the X-Series Flat Trigger for smooth and easy trigger pull. Last but certainly not least this gun is comfortable to shoot. Sig totally had comfortability in mind in designing the XMACRO’s magwell, being only 1.1in wide and having completely redesigned its X-Series grip. The new Polymer grips are removable and come with three different sizes (S/M/L) fitting your hand like a glove. This gun is more comfortable to shoot than sitting on your Dad’s old leather couch! All that being said, the P365 XMACRO revolutionizes the EDC industry, and if you’re in the market for one, I can make no better recommendation than the XMACRO. 

P365 Series Comparison Chart

P365 Series Comparison Chart

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