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  • Nearly a 70% Trigger Pull Reduction!
  • Custom Designed Trigger Return Spring ASTM A228 Music Wire
  • Stainless Steel Shims to remove Factory Trigger Wobble
  • Industrial Grade Black Oxide Pre-Travel Set Screw with matching Hex Key
  • Reduce your trigger pull from a stock 5.5 lbs to a modified 1.75 lbs
  • Improve accuracy and overall rifle performance
  • One of the Best Benjamin Trail NP2 Mods available!
  • Protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA!
  • Fast Same Day Shipping!

Benjamin Trail NP2 Pro Trigger Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • Custom designed lighter Trigger Return Spring
  • Stainless Steel Trigger Shims (2)
  • Pre-Travel Set Screw
  • Synthetic Grease w/ PTFE
  • 1.5mm Hex Key

***Pro Kit no longer includes Stock Screws due to the wide variation of stock screw hardware used from the factory.***

Reduce your Benjamin Trail NP2 Trigger Pull from a Stock 5.5 lbs to a modified 1.75 lbs with the Benjamin Trail NP2 Pro Trigger Upgrade Kit by M*CARBO. The Pro Kit also includes Custom Stainless Steel Trigger Shims to prevent side to side trigger wobble. Plus Upgraded Black Oxide Coated Steel Pre-Travel Adjustment Set Screw. Matching Hex Key is also included with kit plus Syntheitc Grease with PTFE to provide a smoother trigger pull. Custom Trigger Return Spring is made of the highest quality spring steel available, right here in the USA. Installation of our Benjamin Trail NP2 Pro Parts Kit does not require any permanent modifications. One of the Best Benjamin Trail NP2 Mods for your Air Rifle! The 70% Lower Trigger Pull will further enhance the performance and accuracy of your Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle or compatible Crosman Air Rifle variations listed below.

M*CARBO now offers the Benjamin Trail NP2 Trigger Adjustment Solution that fits and functions on a wide variety of Crosman Benjamin Air Rifles. Let us know if you have another air rifle trigger upgrade in mind!

***Pro Kit no longer includes Stock Screws due to the wide variation of stock screw hardware used from the factory.***

Fits and Functions in the following Crosman Benjamin NP2 Air Rifles:

Benjamin Trail NP2 Synthetic Black

- (Model #: BTN217SX , BTN292SX) (Caliber .177 & .22)

Benjamin Trail NP2 Hardwood

- (Model #: BTN217WX , BTN292WX) (Caliber .177 & .22)

Benjamin Trail NP2 Synthetic Realtree Camo

- (Model #:BTN292CX)

Shockey Steel Eagle

- (Model #: BSSNP22TX)

Shockey Golden Eagle

- (Model #:BSSNP27TX)


- (Model #: BTKNP27SX , BTKNP22SX) (Caliber .177 & .22)


- (Model #: BSN217SX , BSN292SX) (Caliber .177 & .22)

Benjamin Trail NP2 Stealth SBD Black

- (Model #:BTN2Q7SX , BTN2Q2SX) (Caliber .177 & .22)

Benjamin Trail NP2 Stealth SBD Wood

- (Model #: BTN2Q7WX , BTN2Q2WX) (Caliber .177 & .22)

Benjamin Trail NP2 Stealth SBD Realtree Xtra Camo

- (Model #: BTN2Q2CX)


- (Model #: BRN2Q7SX , BRN2Q2SX) (Caliber .177 & .22)


- (Model #: BMN2Q7SX , BMN2Q2SX) (Caliber .177 & .22)

Summit Ranger

- (Model #: CSRN217 , CSRN292) (Caliber .177 & .22)

Crosman NPSS

- (Model #: ELS77, ELS22) (Caliber .177 & .22)

Other Models the NP2 kit will work for:

Remington NPSS - (Model #: RNP77, RNP22)

Benjamin NPS - (Model #: BNP77, BNP22, 32040, 32050)

Benjamin Legacy - (Model #: B1K77, B8M22)

Benjamin Legacy SE - (Model #: BLNP22X)

Remington Genesis - (Model #: R1K77PG)

Any break barrel air rifle with the Crosman - Benjamin Trigger as shown with ”Yes” in the info-graphic image above. Best Benjamin Trail NP2 Mods Available for the Clean Break Trigger Mod Fix Upgrade. Fits and Functions with older plastic Crosman triggers only. Crosman recently switched production to a Steel Trigger with a completely different trigger mechanism

100% Lifetime Guarantee on Parts & Accessories:

The Benjamin Trail NP2 Pro Trigger Adjustment Spring Kit is protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee. This means that at any time you can send it back and we will exchange it, issue a refund or assist you in any way possible. We even pay return shipping and automate the return process here!

Drop Tested and Approved:

M*CARBO ASTM Spec Springs will offer a perfect trigger pull reduction with an unlimited drop test rating (3", 6", 9" & 12"+).

Range Tested and Approved:

The Benjamin Trail NP2 Pro Trigger Adjustment Spring Kit has been tested repeatedly with numerous brands of ammunition to ensure reliable operation and safety.

Veteran Owned and Operated Business:

American made Benjamin Trail NP2 Pro Trigger Adjustment Spring Kit designed and manufactured by Combat Veterans. We will donate a portion of your purchase to the Military Foundations we humbly support.


You must be 18 yrs of age to purchase. We advise that all parts purchased from our inventory be installed and inspected by a qualified gunsmith. Modifying your weapon may be prohibited in your state. Do not modify your sear or hammer engagement surfaces, with or without the Benjamin Trail NP2 Pro Trigger Spring Kit. Before installing please be sure to check all local state and federal laws. By installing this part you agree to take full responsibility for any and all legal, health and warranty consequences that may be incurred.

Overall Customer Rating of 18 Reviews:

Fantastic trigger mod kit

Amazing Trigger mod kit for Benjamin NP2 power plant air rifles. I have the Vaporizer and the first thing I noticed was the staggering 5lb trigger, the thing was a beast to fire. I started searching for ways to get that trigger pull down and noticed a YouTube video from here at MCARBO doing a step by step install of their pro trigger kit. I instantly went to the website and ordered one for myself. Shipping was same day and the kit install went flawlessly. The kit had everything I needed and the video made install a snap. One happy customer. Well done MCARBO.

Eastern Washington State

Big improvement over stock

Since my air rifle (model 22PS-999) was not the exact model that this parts kit is listed for (model NP2) I was a little hesitant at first, but after watching the video I disassembled my gun following the video instructions. Since all the parts looked exactly the same as in the video, I decided to take a chance and ordered the parts (the pro-kit). They all fit just fine with one minor exception: It was really hard to get both of the shims/washers that are intended to take up the side-to-side slack of the trigger in place. It was a really tight fit, but I finally forced both in place. Looking back now, think I should have used only one of them and will probably disassemble the rifle again and remove one, because I can feel extra friction that I believe is caused by the extra tight fit of these shims. That said, even with the tight fit of these shims, this kit makes a huge improvement over the original trigger. The lighter spring makes a really big difference. The gun is now much easier to hold on target as I squeeze off a shot. I would also like to mention that the online instructional video is really good and very helpful. Note that the kit did not come with the replacement screws to mount the stock as shown in the video. I just re-used the same screws, but first ran a die over them to clean up the threads.


Kit as advertised.

Saw the U-Tube video and decided to try this kit on my NP-2. Trigger pull now is excellent, reduced it drastically and is much smoother. However I was dissapointed to find the stock screws are not included. It's there plain as day, just didn't notice in the description. Kit works as advertised. My rifle action screws (10-32) only stay tight with red loctite.

Fort Worth, TX

Awesome upgrade

I ordered this part after watching a video on YouTube to find out why it was so hard to pull the trigger. After Goggling the part, MCarbo was the first result that came up. I am glad I ordered this part through them. However, while watching the video, it states the pro kit (which I ordered) is supposed to come with new stock bolts. My package was missing those bolts. No bother, I reused the original bolts. I have mine set to where there is no first or second stage, just a smooth pull until the rifle goes off.

Akron, NY

Just installed the Benjamin Trail NP2 Pro Trigger Upgrade Kit in my Crosman Summit Ranger .177 Cal. rifle Model CSRN217. I recommend watching the instalation video. Everything went well on the installation and works as promised! The trigger pull is phenomenal!! I highly recommend this upgrade kit. It's going to help me improve my groups. THANKS M*CARBO!