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MCARBO is the leading Innovator in KEL-TEC Aftermarket Parts. We're constantly engineering new KEL-TEC PLR-16 Accessories and KEL-TEC SU-16 Accessories for Superior Riflemen that demand Superior Performance!

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SU-16 Trigger Upgrade & PLR 16 Trigger
Retail: $39.95
Price: $29.95
Availability: Back Order
MCARBO Item #: 019962358845 -

    Ultimate KEL-TEC PLR-16 & SU-16 Machined Aluminum Target Trigger Custom Designed & Manufactured by MCARBO Put a real trigger on your KEL-TEC PLR-16 & SU-16 that won't flex or warp under rapid fire! The MCARBO Target Trigger was designed to put you in more control of your KEL-TEC PLR-16 & SU-16. Your new KEL-TEC PLR-16 Trigger will allow you to perform at greater levels than previously possible with that flimsy plastic trigger. The KEL-TEC SU-16 Trigger by MCARBO is CNC milled out of a block of...

    KEL TEC SU-16 / SU-22 Trigger Spring Kit
    Retail: $15.99
    Price: $12.95
    Availability: In Stock
    MCARBO Item #: 019962213632 -

      KEL TEC PLR-16 & SU-16 Trigger Job | Trigger Spring Kit consists of a custom designed and manufactured spring: Trigger Return Spring The KEL TEC PLR-16 & SU-16 Trigger Job | Trigger Spring Kit will reduce your trigger pull from a factory weight of 6.75 lbs to a modified weight of 5.5 lbs. KEL TEC uses similar components between the SU-16 & SU-22 rifle platforms to include the trigger return spring that our kit replaces to improve the trigger pull on your KEL TEC rifle. These KEL-TEC SU-16...

      KEL TEC SU-16 Screw Upgrade Kit, KEL TEC PLR-16 Screw Upgrade Kit will also work in the SU-22 and PLR-22
      Retail: $14.95
      Price: $12.95
      Availability: In Stock
      MCARBO Item #: 01996236149 -

        KEL-TEC SU-16 / PLR-16 & SU-22 Screw Upgrade Kit consists of:26- Black Oxide Coated Grade 8 Standard Industrial ScrewsReplace your household Philips head screws on your SU-16 / PLR-16 with grade 8 black oxide coated allen head screws. The SU-16 / SU-22 Screw upgrade kit includes 26 screws which will completely replace all of the household grade screws on your SU-16 / PLR-16 with industrial grade 8 screws. You will need a standard 3/32 allen key to install these upgraded screws in your KEL-TEC...

        MCARBO is the home of leading innovation for KEL TEC PLR 16 Aftermarket Accessories and KEL TEC SU 16 Upgrades. All KEL TEC SU 16 Accessories and KEL TEC PLR 16 Accessoires are reasonably priced and made right here in America! You can't ask for a better deal on your KEL TEC PLR 16 Upgrades or KEL TEC SU 16 Mods. If you have an innovative design idea for KEL TEC SU16 Accesories or KEL TEC PLR 16 Accessories, then send it our way to

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